Saturday, May 30, 2009

So, I live the Good life?

I thought I would start this blog with explaining to my many, many, MANY loyal readers why I chose theGoodlife as my blog title. Well, I do live the Good life—the Big-G-good life. Big-G-Good is a phrase I have been known to say a lot. A LOT. It comes from a favorite scripture, Romans 8:28 “For we know that in all things God works for the good of those that love Him, who are called according to His purpose.”

First, I must make a disclaimer: I don’t claim to be a theologian (although my facebook bible quiz says I AM a Bible Scholar), nor can I take credit for the Big-G-concept. It was something I heard someone else say and it stuck with me. When I say someone else, I think I mean Beth Moore, one of my favorite Bible teachers. I am about 85.6 percent sure it was Beth. So Beth, I know you are probably reading this—so I don’t want you to think I am taking credit for what I am pretty sure is something I heard from you. And if it wasn’t Beth Moore who taught me this—I would gladly footnote whoever did. If I knew who you were. So there. I’ve disclaimed. Let’s move on.

Many of us (myself included) like this verse and want it to mean that in all things God works for our good—the good WE want (because of course, we do know best). So, my kids won’t catch that flu bug going around—cause that wouldn’t be things working together for good now, would it? And when I “need” a cute new purse, the perfect one will be on sale at my favorite store, and I’ll skip out saying “God works everything for good…”. Perhaps I exaggerate a wee bit, but we’ve all been there, huh? Now don’t get me wrong, I believe God is involved in our daily lives and is completely capable of working out mundane details on our behalf—and often does.

When we don’t like this verse is when the HARD STUFF happens. When things don’t go as planned, when we are hurt, when tragedy strikes, when circumstances don’t look good at all. How can it be good when my husband loses his job? How can it be good when a loved one suffers? How can it be good when we lose our house, or can’t have children, or get pregnant when we didn’t mean to? There are many things in life that aren’t good. Not small-g-good. That’s the good that we have already figured is best for us (how nice of us to save God the work of determining what would be for our best!)

Instead, I have come to believe the good talked about in this verse is Big-G-Good, God’s Good. He knows everything. He is not limited by time. He knows what is ahead. He has a plan. His Big-G-Good is what will help me be more like Christ, that which will accomplish his Kingdom purposes. Because I love Him, because I’ve been called to His purpose in my life, then this Good is what I accept from Him. I’ve had stuff. Stuff that isn’t small-g-good. Stuff that has forced me to reflect on this verse. But God is a redeemer, and He makes Good out of bad. He has worked all things for Big-G-Good in my life.

I live theGoodlife.


David said...

Thanks for keeping us (a.k.a. you, me, and the kids) focused on the big G. I love you!

Vince Morris said...

Hmmm. Glad I found this--I can see it's really going to be, well--Good.

Melinda said...

Hi Dawn!
Thanks for visiting my blog ... I do love this verse. And Beth Moore. I'm co-leading her study Esther this fall.

And yes, I've learned the real truth of this verse over the years and have found God's best is truly always best -- and when it doesn't seem like it, I just don't understand or see the big picture. That's where trust comes in. ;0)

Very cute blog! ;0)

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