Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Neglected Blog:

painting by Bubba
Hello blog.

Remember me?  I use to visit you frequently.  Writing out my thoughts, processing my everyday life.

It was good.  You were an outlet for me.  I got to process with you.  I shared everyday ramblings and deeper musings as well.

What happened to us, blog?  I didn't mean to walk away.  It wasn't a deliberate decision.  We didn't break up.  It was a slow fade.  And the longer I stayed away--the bigger deal it seemed to come back to you.  So I put it off.  I didn't want to explain, because there was no one big reason or explanation.

But, I miss you, blog.  And I want to come back.  I don't know if I can be as faithful as I'd like to you.  I hope so.  But if not, I think I will get over needing to explain myself and just keep coming back.  You would want it that way, I'm sure.

Thanks for waiting for me.  Be back soon...


Carmen said...

I've missed you! I enjoy how "real" you are in your writing and I love feeling involved in the church through your ministry here as I learn what it means for you and your family to live and trust God... But I think everyone understands when life happens and some things just don't make the to-do list even if you want them to. :)

Dayle said...

Great to see you, Dawn, but I think walking away from blogging is good sometimes. No explanation needed. I may do that myself one of these days.

Dawn said...

I understand... I've been very, very unfaithful to my blog this past year. I, too, have good intentions of getting back to it.

Looking forward to your posts again!!!

Dawn said...

oh don't i know it...
yet another parallel. love you, friend!

Beth said...

That is EXACTLY how I've been and feel sometimes. We'll welcome you back with whatever and whatever you give us. :)

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