Thursday, July 16, 2009

Be who you want to be.

I have a new mantra that I've been repeating to myself (cause that is what you do with mantras, right?) these last few weeks. And it is "be who you want to be". It's along the lines of Just Do It, but Nike took that one already.

Be who you want to be...for me, that means to stop thinking about who I wish I was and just be her. As I face one of the many seemingly small choices throughout my day... I repeat this to myself as motivation to make the right choice. I may be very simplistic, but somehow it helps me put my focus in the right place.

What types of choices am I talking about?

*the choice to look my son in the eye and listen as he tells me one of his many, MANY, imaginary inventions, or other "cool" idea
*the choice to clean up the house quickly before bed so as not to face a mess in the morning
*the choice to make time to read and reflect and pray
*the choice to say something uplifting in a negative situation
*the choice to get to bed on time
*the choice to keep my mouth shut
*the choice to take in some form of liquid nourishment other than diet coke :)
*the list could go on...

Be who I want to opposed to just thinking about trying harder, or doing better tomorrow.

Who do I want to be? I want to be someone who exercises personal discipline without becoming neurotic. I want to be a wife who is her husband's best friend and biggest fan. I want to be a mom who shows my kids that they are loved, accepted, and valued as well as one that nurtures Godly attitudes and habits in them. I want to be a friend that is caring and fun, and speaks truth. I want to be the fragrance of Christ in all situations.

These are lofty goals, but I believe accomplished in small choices, day by day. (As opposed to being ALL I can be, cause that is only in the army, you know) Be who I want to this moment. I don't need to try to be it all at once...just be who I want to be in the little choices of the day. The little choices that eventually add up to a whole. And that change me little by little in the process.

However, if I'm honest, I sometimes say this mantra to myself and then choose to be someone else than the person I want to be. I choose to play bejeweled blitz on facebook instead of going to bed...or say what I know I shouldn't...or tune my kids get the idea. But I guess those moments just reinforce what I already know...that this changing and focus and good choices (however small!) can only come to pass as I rely on God's strength. Cause without Him, I wouldn't follow through. Or even care about following through perhaps.

So, who do you want to be? How do you get there?

The person I want to be is going to stop blogging now and get on with it. :)


Cousin Kate said...

Very nice entry! "I want to be someone who exercises personal discipline without becoming neurotic." <----- SAME!

Carrie said...

Oh no! Bejeweled Blitz is what keeps me from going to bed at a decent hour every night too! Do you think we're being hypnotized by the falling jewels? The subliminal message is: "you don't need sleep as much as you need a higher score!" Now I'll think of you at night when I'm playing - and maybe it will encourage me to turn off the computer and go to bed!

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