Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesdays Unwrapped: a glimpse

Emily over at Chatting at the Sky has a feature she calls Tuesdays Unwrapped. It is a lovely chance to stop and notice something special, a gift, that might otherwise be overlooked in the dailyness of life. I love her blog and love this idea--so I'm participating for the first time!

The gift I'm unwrapping this Tuesday is the gift of the glimpse of something sinking in. Let me explain. As a mom of an amazing 13 year old daughter (pickle), I get the privilege of watching her grow and change before my eyes. (Seriously! i think she grows each night as she sleeps!) However, there are still many times where I wonder if the stuff we are teaching her ever "sinks in". I wonder if sometimes my words get stuck in her ears...and don't make it to her brain. :)

my pickle in hawaii

A mundane example that played into today's gift is regarding keeping things neat, clean and organized...developing routines to take care of her things...and following through on the things I've asked her to do. (sounds familiar to all moms of teens, I'm sure). Sooooo...yesterday was one of those days when I was really disappointed in her. I had left instructions for what she (and bubba) needed to do while I was gone to work for the afternoon. They were quite clear on it. She asked if her friend could come over...I told her AFTER everything was done (which usually works as a great motivator to get it over with). Long story still kinda long...I came home to learn that not only was everything still not done...but her friend had been over anyway. I was SO disappointed. Then after dinner, when I went off to a meeting, I left the kitchen and dinner clean up for the fam to handle. I came home after the meeting to the kitchen half-cleaned...pots and pans unwashed, crumbs all over the counter, table unwiped, etc. and the fam relaxing and enjoying TV. UGH!

I had a moment. You know what kind of moment. The kind when I felt like NOONE was ever going to learn, or care about the house or keeping it up and therefore it was obvious they didn't care about me one bit. (oh....the drama of it all...) I managed to keep my comments about it to a minimum, but had plenty of thoughts racing through my mind... Dang mind.

Back to the gift today: I came home from work and pickle had straightened up the house! It was obvious when I walked in. She hadn't done it to her standards, but to mine. And that is when it dawned on me. She gets it! Not only the fact that she knew how to do it really well, but also because she knew that doing it would show her care for me, that it would make a difference to me. I hadn't asked her to do anything today. But she did. She did it well. She may just be buttering me up for something...but who cares? Something is sinking in! She may not always be able to put into action what she understands, but I got a glimpse today. She gets it.

So today I unwrap the gift of the glimpse of what is taking place inside my girl. Truth be told, I actually get many glimpses of who she is becoming, and I couldn't be prouder. She is amazing. (I know I'm her mom, but really, she is.) I love her exactly who she is today. But I'm thankful for the glimpses too.


emily said...

I remember being 13. And I remember, in the back of my mind, hearing everything my mom said and knowing she was right almost all of the time. But I couldn't admit that, you know! Here's to getting those sweet glimpses of what she knows but may have a hard time showing. Glad you linked!

Melissa Stover said...

i know what you mean about seeing glimpses that they are getting it. i think i see that in my girls too now. my oldest is turning 12.

Diane said...

I was thinking just yesterday about training our children up for when they go. Our kids are on their way to adulthood!

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