Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eyes to See

I posted the other day about God Sightings, and the practice of watching for God in our lives.  I believe it's a habit that can be developed--to look for God.  But first, the belief that God is active in our daily lives needs to be fostered, and the expectation of His involvement needs to be nurtured.

During Aidan's life, one of the ways God took care of us was that He gave us eyes to see His presence and His involvement in the whole situation.  This reassured us that He was aware of what was going on, and in control.  We could trust Him, because He was there.  And although He didn't answer our prayers how we wanted Him to, we could rest knowing that He was intimately involved in each aspect of our experience.  He had not forgotten us.

Since that time, when I hear of other's struggles, I have made a point to pray that they would have "eyes to see" God active in their circumstances.  This last week I have been praying that God would give my dear friends Jeff and Karyn eyes to see His work.  {Jeff and I used to work together in IL, and he was also the youth pastor at our church here in CO.}  

You see, Jeff is a pastor now, and a week ago Sunday, right before he was to preach, Jeff suffered a grand mal seizure.  {ummmmm...that's one way to get out of preaching, huh?}  Tests later revealed he had a brain tumor on his right frontal lobe--cause still unknown.  Thursday morning, Jeff had brain surgery, and is currently recovering at a rehab hospital.  Oh, how I pray that in the midst of so much uncertainty their eyes see God's presence.

I popped over to Jeff's blog to grab a link for you all if you are interested--and guess what?  God has already been answering my prayers!  I believe this post is Karyn's account of a God Sighting!  God is just SO cool,  isn't he?

Have you had any God Sightings lately?  I pray, dear bloggies, that whatever you might be facing right now...that God would give you eyes to see Him.  He's there.


Debbie said...

As I mentioned on the God sighting post, I love the beauty of that phrase and the concept behind it.

I will go to your friend's site and read his sighting. It will be a wonderful way to start my day today.

Melinda said...

Love this post ... When I look, I notice God's fingerprints everywhere in my situations. But sometimes I get too focused on the problem to see Him.

I've had many God sightings in Micah's cystic fibrosis over the years. You are so right -- when we see Him we know we are not forgotten even if the outcome is not what we'd like.

Dayle said...

Dawn, this is such an encouraging post. Thank you!

Karen said...

Wow, will remember Jeff in prayer. I'm glad he was with people and not driving, or.... Blessings**

Alicia said...

Amen, thanks for posting is so encouraging.
I have missed seeing you link up for company girl coffee...just wanted to stop by and say hey. :)

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