Thursday, June 24, 2010

God Sightings

At VBX, one of the practices we are teaching the kids is to "watch for God".  Each day the kids report their "God Sightings" to their leaders.   Today I heard one tell of a sunset God made, one said God led him to a good VBX, and another talked about the money God provided at his popsicle stand for the missions project.

Yesterday, my son said "tetherball" as his God Sighting.  I wondered about it for a second ( in that "seriously? that's what you said? kind of way) and realized that he is learning to give God the credit for everything--including a good time he had playing with his friends.  The kiddos are learning to look for God and expecting to see Him!

Here are some of my God Sightings this week:
* three sweet ladies who have provided supper for us this week to lighten the load of a busy week.
*  A little girl who I don't know brought me a rose today to say thank you for VBX--and she had tears in her eyes as she gave me two big hugs.
*  Many instances of things working out, just in the nick of time. :)
*  The opportunity to sit for an hour with a visitor's mom who really needed prayer and encouragement.
*  a VBX staff that truly loves God and kids and that bring energy and enthusiasm each day!
*  God giving me the words to say today as I talked to the kids about the gospel.
*   A diet-coke-bearing friend. (thanks Bethie!).
*  The mom who thanked us because on Monday night, while she sat in the ER for a scary allergic reaction, was encouraged by her daughter with what she learned just that morning at VBX.

Do you watch for God?  Do you expect to see Him at work?  He's there...

More on this soon...


Dawn said...

i love the reminder that God is always in my sight, i just have to seek him! friends brought you dinner? hallelujah! i know you will be ready for rest when it is all over... so glad He is keeping you going while you give this amazing gift!

Beth said...

You know, tetherball was always a favorite of mine.... and I love that Ian thought it was a God-sighting. Thanks for posting yours, friend.... you do my heart good.

Debbie said...

I love the term "God Sighting"!! My friends and I like to use the term "A God Thing" to describe the little treasures and surprises that God puts in our paths during the day.

This is a step beyong that, and that 's what I love. It's more than just realizing that God left His finger prints. It's literally looking for them. How wonderful.

I'm so glad that I read this post this evening. Hey! I think I have just had a God sighting! Thanks!

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