Thursday, November 25, 2010


Our family of four each made a list of 20 or so things we are thankful for as we watched the Macy's parade this morning.  I typed them into and came up with this word cloud to represent our hearts today.

Our blessings number more than we can even list, and it's hard to put into words the deep appreciation we have for God's Goodness in our lives.  Because God is a Redeemer, we can even be thankful for the cruddy things...because we know He can make Good out of bad.

I hope today finds you and yours giving thanks with a grateful heart.  Happy Thanksgiving!


kerry said...

very cool!
i love that justin bieber made the list. :o)

Lea said...

Great word cloud! And, yes, God can take the ugliest and make it good.

Enjoyed dropping by this Thanksgiving evening! Blessings!

Dayle said...

How neat is that word cloud thingie. Love it!

Craig said...

"Thankful even for the cruddy things"

amen to that.

My nieces (7 and 9) say that Justin Bieber has girl hair. He wouldn't have made their lists.

So my top 5 from the word cloud:

1. God’s love (covers all the other God things on the list – sneaky)
2. hugs (who doesn’t need hugs?)
3. pets (Laska the love kitty)
4. pasta (angel hair with Ragu – ready, on the plate, in 7 minutes – heaven)
5. chocolate ('nuf said)

water and food don’t count ‘cause – well – they’re water and food!!!!

Justin Bieber didn’t make my list either :)

oh, and the smile this little exercise brought to my face - that almost edged edged out #5

God Bless

Dawn said...

dawn i love this! and i love that you told me where i can do it, too :) let thankfulness abound!

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