Sunday, November 7, 2010



That's what my four year old nephew said when I told him how I old I was on this birthday.  I kinda feel that way too--44--whoa.

Yup, Saturday was my birthday.  But I started celebrating on Friday with a birthday lunch with my mom, my sis and my baby niece.  We had a nice time chatting and eating yumminess.  I decided that weightwatchers would have to wait 'til Monday.  :0)
maisie jane.  
Saturday brought an early morning as hubby and I attended "Love and War"--a half-day marriage conference held live here in CO, but simulcast across the country.   The speakers were John and Stasi Eldredge, and it was really good.  I took tons of notes and will need to process all I learned for a good while.

Saturday night we celebrated Bubba's and my birthday with the family--my sister's family and my parents.  We went out for vietnamese food (my choice--yum!) and then returned to our home for gifts and peanut butter cup ice cream cake.  Ohmy.  However-many weightwatchers points that slice was worth--it was worth every. single. one!!

me and my new slanket!
birthday boy
Then Sunday morning I received a lovely surprise at church.  The kids and teachers on my team surprised me with beautiful flowers, a 12 pack of diet coke, and a calligraphy of one of my favorite verses.  They sang to me, too.  Can't ask for more than that...
my birthday presents from the teachers and kids at church
isn't this beautiful?  Thanks Tamara!
The best moment of the morning, however, was getting to pray with a few kiddos who decided to follow Jesus for the first time today.  What a privilege.  Oh happy day!
praying with the kids
I guess turning 44 has been pretty cool.  Except for the part where I remember how old I am.



christine said...

woah indeed.
i'll be 44 in a couple days. but i don't think i'm going to get an awesome slanket!

Heidi... said...

Whoa... what a beautiful birthday! And... any birthday with Diet Coke is a good birthday indeed.

Lea said...

Well, you are still a "mere" child my dear! :o) And, never forget, that life just gets better with age. :o)

I love John and Stasi Eldredge, would love to hear them.

The pictures are gorgeous and especially the one of you praying with the children. What a life changing event!

Blessings abundant!

Dayle said...

Happy Birthday, Dawn! You're still a youngster. Enjoy your jaw line while you can. :)

Toyin O. said...

Happy Birthday, it looks you had a great celebration.

Melinda said...

Oh, Dawn ... I would say that was a PERFECT birthday ... or at least as close to perfect as we get here on earth. ;0) You are leaving a legacy that will reap dividends for an eternity.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How are you likin' that SLANKET??? ;)

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