Thursday, December 2, 2010

still festive...

Even though we didn't put up our tree, we did decorate for Christmas.  The nativity set sits prominently on a table in the living room.  A collection of stars are on the mantle.  Our shelf is filled with our many Christmas books.  New red and white snowflake pillows are on the couch (got them at Target--have you seen them?).  You can't miss Christmas at our house, even though we are missing that tree. 

So I thought I would show you a few pictures of festivity.

Bubba and I filled a leather chest we normally keep CDs in with some greenery and berries we had in our Christmas boxes.  We added some stars ( I get a little obsessed with stars at Christmastime...) and an adorable bird I received as a birthday present.  I think it looks cute sitting in the midst of all that Christmassy stuff.

Last year, I was given this cool jewelry tree as a gift.  At Christmastime, I think it looks great showcasing some beautiful ornaments...a Christmas tree of sorts.  What do you think?

I saw this at my doctor's office the other day, and I must admit I am tempted to buy one for the kids...isn't it cute?
charlie brown christmas tree

I hope you are enjoying the signs of Christmas around your place too--even if you're a tree-skipper this year like me.

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love those Margaret Furlong angels on your "jewelry tree". My mom and sister collect them and I have a couple. I think they're beautiful!

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