Tuesday, December 6, 2011

unwrapping on a bad day?

Today I had one of those mornings.  I woke up sad.  I was discouraged.  The sadness seemed to flavor everything...even the Christmas music sounded a little sad to me.  (Of course I've always thought "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is fairly depressing--I could totally do without it.  Close second--"I'll be Home for Christmas".  Can I get any amens out there?)  I had a headache.  And too much to do.  And my daughter disobeyed and needed a consequence first thing this morning.  She's 15, so we aren't talking a time out--we are talking losing a privilege.  I hate it when that happens.  I wanted to go back to bed and wake up tomorrow.

So, on a Tuesday, where unwrapping gifts with emily at chatting at the sky would be the focus of my post, I wasn't sure if I should write.  I mean...I don't want to depress everyone.  And finding a gift on one of those days is hard, ya know?  However, is there a better day to unwrap the gifts of every day then one where you have to look hard?  I think probably not.

So tonight, I'm unwrapping a few gifts I've noticed today:

*  Cleaning my too-neglected bathroom was cathartic.  Something about getting rid of dust that has been staring at me from the never-used large bathtub and some grime from other places (use your imagination) gave me a sense of satisfaction.  I can unwrap cleaning a bathroom today.

*  Pickle accepted her consequence without much grief.  She knew she had broken a rule and then lied about it.  She took the consequence with a maturity I hadn't expected.  I can unwrap unexpected grace in the form of a calmer-than-expected teenager.

*  Although I didn't want to, skipping my Healing Journey class to be present on a hectic night at home was a good decision.  I ran into one of the leaders today who gave me tonight's video, so I will be caught up in no time.  That was a gift.  I can unwrap a hard-but-good decision that resulted in a little space to breathe, and I can unwrap the timely gift of a bible study video.

*  As I sit here tonight, Bubba is finishing up a project for school.  It is almost conquered.  I can unwrap that...it is always good to finish a project.  Pickle and hubby are downstairs in the basement, pulling the guestroom together for my in-laws to stay in later this week.  What I hear from down there is Christmas songs--not from the ipod, but instead their acapella voices are belting them out.  I can certainly unwrap the gift of help with housework and joyous singing from those I love.

*  And my mood?  Significantly improved--even though circumstances remain unchanged for now.  God has showed me that He's got my heart in His hands.  And He is faithful.  And that is no small gift to unwrap.

Tonight, I'm unwrapping the little gifts in the midst of a poopy Tuesday.  Some Tuesdays are like that...it's OK.


Vince Morris said...

Ayeh. Sometimes it's like that.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

You are right - some days are kinda stinky but He is faithful. And that is a gift! Sorry your day wasn't so great. But it sounds like you are making good heart choices in the midst of it all.

Beth said...

You and I had similiar feelings yesterday! I started my post with the nearly exact same words. :)

Glad you found several things to unwrap.... and I almost hate the song "I'll Be Home for Christmas." It's the Most depressing Christmas song ever. :)

Love you, friend.

Amy Sullivan said...

First off, beautiful pics. Oh, I need some snow for Christmas. Really, these shots make my heart ache.

Second, I like your voice. You don't make the world sound as if it is filled with butterflies and fairies, but you make the world sound real (much like my world!).

Nice meeting you through the link-up!

Deidra said...

Faithful. Yes He is!

Merry Christmas!

Dawn said...

oh those days...
how lovely to find the gifts in the big, huge, sad mess that life can feel like. and every one of those gifts is beautiful. and i hope wednesday was more beautiful than you hoped!!

(those trees are spectacular!!!!)

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