Tuesday, November 3, 2009

different than I expected...

Are there parts of your daily life that have turned out differently than you expected?

Today I'm unwrapping the gift of one of these unexpected and new differences in our life. On Tuesdays, I join with Emily at Chatting at the Sky to notice and celebrate the unexpected, lovely and messy blessings in our lives as part of Tuesdays Unwrapped.

I never, ever thought that our kids would be in Christian School.

Educational choices are one of those family choices that there are as many opinions and value judgements as there are parents. We can perhaps even judge others based on their choices, and it can be divisive. Homeschooling, public school, private school, christian school, charter school--yikes! Let me be clear here. This is NOT a post about the values of any particular educational choice--cause they all have their pros and cons...and I'm NOT trying to open a debate on the issues. Each family needs to do what they feel is best for their kids.

All I'm saying is that I never thought about Christian schools for my kids. I have been more of a let-them-see-differences-and-process-them-with-us-at-home type. I have also been a my-kids-can-learn-to-be-a-light-in-darkness type. So my kids were enrolled in our public school system which happens to be excellent. And they have had great experiences there.

But, you know, God has a way of shaking things up. He helps us trust Him more this way. Last year when hubby was out of work for a while...God very obviously provided a wonderful job. He became the Business Manager at our city's largest Christian school. We knew this job was for him--it would give him a chance to use his gifts and talents and education to bless this school. And he has. It has been a hard job--especially in this economy--to keep their financial head above water. But He is making a difference there. I'm proud of him.

However, part of the deal of being on staff there, and particularly in upper administration--is that our kids attend. A great perk of working there is free tuition. It's a wonderful benefit.

But wait! Screeeeeeech! Hold the presses! I thought our family was called to public school! God, what are you doing?? I wrestled with this for a while, and eventually realized that a lot of what I was concerned with was fear. Name it, Dawn. I was afraid. Afraid of what people would assume about us if our kids attended there. Afraid that our kids' experience there would make them take their faith for granted. Afraid that it is some sort of spiritual cop-out to allow our kids to be in a Christian environment all the time. etc. etc. All fear. Maybe pride too. Yeah, probably pride too. Yuch.

God asked me if I trusted Him. Yes Lord, I do. Do you trust Me to work everything together for Big G good in your life and your kids' lives? Yes, I do. Then let it go. The fear, the pride. I have provided this job and this community for your family. Embrace the gift it is. So today and everyday, I am. Bubba started there this fall and Pickle will start High School there next year. If this is where God has led our kids, then it is the best place for them. God knows them better than me.

And I have to tell you--it's been WON.DER.FUL. Bubba is in such a nurturing environment. He is thriving there. He is excited about connecting his faith to his everyday learning. He is loved. Even though it is still weird to me that there is a Bible in his desk, and part of his homework is to read and learn scripture, I am choosing to embrace it all. And I must admit, I'm having an easier time than I thought I would.

We write his memory verse on the fridge each week, and this week I hadn't done it yet--so he did. Love that.

It was his birthday yesterday, and I was so touched at what he brought home from his teacher and class.

It's a large card from his teacher with a very sweet note, and a pocket filled with cards from his class. Each was personalized with something that was his favorite--favorite animal, sport, color, etc. They took the time to know those things about him and put them in the cards. Several kids made his name an acrostic for things they liked about him. One favorite for me was "Impossibly great" for the I in his name. Another I loved was a drawing of a giraffe (Bubba's favorite animal) and the little girl had written, "You are tall in kindness". (big smile)

So, wow, my kiddo goes to Christian school. I did not expect that. But it's a blessing. A gift I'm embracing and happy to unwrap today.

What's different than you expected in your life? Is it a gift to be grateful for today?


chris said...

The kiddos going to CSCS is sort of another "Patch story"! God brings something into your life that you were sure you'd never "own" (or like) and before you know it, you realize HE KNOWS WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU (and yours) and you fall in love with His choice!

L.L. Barkat said...

God does have a way of shaking us up. Oh, to be able to go with it and enjoy the process.

Thanks for your comment at the InCourage giveaway. :)

Theta Mom said...

You're right, God does have a way of shaking us up!

Graceful said...

I believe in God after 20 years of not! That is way different than I expected...thank God.

Nancy said...

I think that is so wonderful your kiddos go to christian school. Where else would you get that genuine and Christ centered letter from a teacher. My favorite phrase was that she was thanking God she got to be his teacher. Priceless. Thanks for visiting my blog... love yours! :)

New Every Morning said...

We watched God work and move and change our hearts this past year too. Never, never, did I think we would homeschool. But here we are... and we LOVE it. Being inside God's will can't be beat!

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