Friday, November 20, 2009

slow down, you move too fast...

Dear Mr. Time,

I have a bone to pick with you. You move WAY too fast for my liking. Granted, there are instances where I'd like you to fly by--when I am sick, when I'm at the dentist, when I'm actually watching SoYouThinkYouCanDance or the Biggest Loser live--and the commercials are getting in the way of me finding out what happened... But mostly...I want you to hold up. S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N. for heaven's sakes!

Since I'm pretty sure it's impossible at some molecular level for you to slow down--can you at least, Mr. Time, install some sort of pause button? I have one on my DVR...and I can hit it whenever I need the show to wait for me. I would love a pause button for you, Time.

There would be so many helpful uses for a pause button. I would hit pause when I need to do just a bit more cleaning before company arrives. I would hit pause when I would like a little more time with my kiddos before their bedtime arrives. I would hit pause when I could do a much better job on something if the deadline wasn't so close...

Today, Mr. Time, I would hit pause for various reasons:

* We would be able to fit more visiting in with my in-laws before they leave in a few weeks.
* I would get my Christmas shopping done now, so I could enjoy the season without running around.
* I would sit for long whiles and ponder the presentation I need to do on Mary in church. I would read all the books and info I could get my hands on and really do the topic justice. 23 days away and I've barely started!
* I would hit pause so I could pick up Bubba in one direction, pick up Pickle in another, and pick up Patch from the groomer. All done at the same time today...yikes!
* I would compose wonderful blog posts and crochet lots of chemo caps.
* I would get the busy-stuff out of the way, so I could be more of the nurturer at home I want to be.
* I would make opportunities for our family to reflect on being grateful during this season of Thanksgiving...without feeling pressure to rush ahead to all of the Christmas stuff.
* I would get the house straightened before bedtime comes so I don't have to choose between sleeping and neatness.

More importantly, I would definitely hit pause right now so I could enjoy who each of my kids are at this point in their lives...before they grow and change once again. They keep doing that, Time, and I think it's your fault! I want to have a moment to emotionally take in the tall, delightful (not a kid anymore) young lady Pickle has become. I want more time to enjoy 9 year old jokes and hugs and imagination from Bubba.

Please. A pause button. Please.

But I must realize that you, Time, are not in control. You might limit me sometimes, but there is One bigger than you. So, into Him I lean my heart. It is He whom I trust in the midst of this life it only seems you are in charge of. I remember this:

"My times are in Your hands..." Psalm 31:15 NIV

So, Mr. Time, I guess I will just have to settle for a few extra weekends between now and Christmas...what do you say?

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Rachel Anne said...

Dawn, this was great! I am right along with you...can I sign my name at the bottom of your letter, too? I'd like a pause button so I could get the most out of the family time that I know will fly by this week!

I hope you will get to savor the sweet moments with your in-laws and family!

Debbie said...

I TOTALLY love this idea! What a fantastic tool. PAUSE while cleaning house so there is MORE time to read stories and play on the floor. PAUSE while having time with special friends & loved ones. I LOVE this plan...

Maybe that's what Heaven will be like - All Pause All the time. =)

One More Equals Four said...

You have NAILED IT! I wasted my childhood wishing it away so I could grow time is flying away and has just gotten out of control. I would love to just pause and catch my breath! said...

such a good post. I wish more people would stop and really appreciate Thanksgiving, and not just as a springboard into Christmas.

Deidra said...

Amen. Truly. Amen.

Jennifer C said...

Awesome Dawn...a much needed reminder for me today! :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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