Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I do miss the little hands in mine. I miss the innocent mispronunciations of a little one who has so much to say. I miss getting completely soaked by bubbly splashing as I bathe a wiggly one. I even miss detangling windblown hair, and braiding and pony-tailing and ribboning.


But today I give three cheers for independence! At 13 and 9, my kiddos get up in the morning and get themselves ready for school. They have their own alarm clocks, shower on their own, they (almost always) choose their own clothes, brush their teeth, even make their own lunches most of the time!

I could be sad they don't need me to dress and wash them anymore. I choose to be thankful that they are appropriately learning to take care of themselves.

They still need me for plenty. Homework, meals, late night chats, snuggles, encouragement, advice and prayers. And so much more.

And every now and then a little help taming some wayward hair in the morning.

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A Little Of This And That said...

Isn't it wonderful when our children actually become what we've tried to train them to be--responsible?

chris said...

And I'm thankful that BIG girls still need their mommy sometimes!! And concerning Pickle and Bubba getting older and more independent...at each season of their time with you, there will be some things that are missed because they are growing up, but take comfort in knowing there is soooo much more exciting things to come!!

Jen said...

A mom 4 ever!
Sounds like you have done a wonderful mommy job with those babies of yours.

Alyssa Barnett said...

AMEN SISTER! Enjoy the small freedoms. And the accomplishment of teaching them well.

deb said...

You've taught them well. And you know, mine are older and starting to come to me for silly things, like they now miss it or just want the little connections. I'm so happy. Because just driving the around and stuff isn't the same as braiding their hair .

Beth said...

I like watching your kids be independent, but I also like watching Pickle curl up next to you or Bubba run up and give you a kiss in between whatever crazy adventures he's on. :)

dawn said...

Beth--I love those things too. :)

Dawn said...

i miss those little hands and voices, too... and out here in blogland where everyone is appreciating their babies it sometimes makes me think i didn't! at least not enough. but i too am thankful for kids who have independence... it is what we srtive for, right?!

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