Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Review

We had a lovely Christmas season at our home. It was hurried at times, as usual...and we didn't do half of the ideas I had in my head...but it was lovely just the same. For many reasons, it was a good year to stay home and have a relaxing Christmas. Today I am enjoying the remembering:

1) Christmas prep time was dominated at first by the Mary talk I gave on Dec. 13. While it has been good to have it behind me, it did rekindle my love for writing and forced extended times of creative reflecting--as well as sharing what I learn with others. The bonus is that remnants of the reflections have remained with me throughout the season...a blessing I hadn't thought of, but am so thankful for.

2) Holley from Heart to Heart with Holley gave away this cute tea set--and I won! It looked very happy on my counter. Thanks, Holley!

3) I'm not one for a lot of creativity and handmadeness--since I am all rush and busy and quick usually. This year, however...some folks got some Christmas potpourri from us and I managed to make my groupie-girls some crocheted flower brooches. I know, I'm out of control.

not a great picture...this is the first one I made

4) December 18 brought a Groupies Christmas gathering--and we enjoyed food and laughs and a couple of games. My favorite picture from the event captures the fun of the crazy game we played trying to unwrap a multi-layered gift with big ol' gloves on. Check out my hubby's intensity and the big laugh on the face of Camille in the background. Love it. Love them.

5) Christmas Eve brought a beautiful service at our church. As a part of the service, I got to share a sweet new Christmas story with the kids called "The Star of Christmas".

I may or may not have used all sorts of silly voices for the characters. :) Our new pastor gave the message and after the candlelit singing, we ended the night with hot cider and cookies for everyone. Lovely.

Christmas Eve at home

6) Christmas Eve at home included the annual reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas--and this year it was the giggly version as we took turns reading. The giggling started when I said "from his head to his boot" (rhymes with foot--the word I was trying to say) and continued when Bubba read his part guessing on the words he didn't know. He said " his clothes were all trashed (tarnished) with ashes and shoot". We laughed and Pickle over-corrected him to get rid of the "sh" sound, and came out with "a*ses and soot". That one put our over-tired family over the edge. Good memories.

7) Christmas day had us up before the kids (what?) and we enjoyed opening all of the gifts. We went to my mom and dad's for the afternoon with the rest of the family. More presents. And a Christmas first for me--I took a nap as the kids played a game with their grandparents. It was a relaxing, yummy day.

Christmas Day at Grandma's

8) Since Christmas day, we have enjoyed having some new friends over for dinner, and have been working our way through the Christmas toys, movies and leftovers. Taking it easy. It was needed. Here is Bubba and Hubby snuggling on the beanbags watching SpiderMan 3.

this must have been a scary part...

Today I spent some time reflecting and am feeling the pull to start organizing and planning for 2010. But I think I will wait and let Christmas hang here a little longer.


Karen said...

Your Christmas was truly blessed. And you have a lovely family. I love seeing the pictures! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year, too!

deb said...

Hoping the New Year brings continued blessings, Dawn. Looking forward to continued blog connections.

Laura said...

Nice Christmas memories!

I had all four sons home for Christmas and it was wonderful!

Happy New Year.

Dawn said...

love your christmas in review :) your kids are really beautiufl... those smiles! and you won that set? yippee!! wishing you all the best for 2010!

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