Friday, October 1, 2010

something pretty, something meaningful, something gross, something fun

Catching up with the Company Girls today, a little late this week, but here I am.


Pretty.  Last weekend was homecoming and Pickle went to her first high school dance.  Ohmy.  Look at my pretty girl.

Meaningful.  Yesterday was the anniversary of Aidan's death.  God is gracious and faithful to heal broken hearts.  I posted about being scarred but whole.

Gross.  OK, I can't believe I'm telling you about this, but it has been a significant part of the week over here at our house.  On Wednesday, as the lawn guy fiddled in my garage with the sprinkler system programmer thingy...I looked at the floor of the garage and saw a little white wormy thing crawling on the floor.  I stepped on it.  I didn't like him.  Then I noticed he was not alone...the floor was covered in the little suckers...all making a mass exodus from the garbage can area toward the outside.  Lawn-guy told me they were maggots.  Excuse me??  Maggots?? He thought maybe a mouse had died somewhere and they were coming from there.  Gross.  Or maybe they were from the trash.  Gross.  I left for work and hoped when I returned they would be gone.    Nope--although there were less of them, and hubby thought perhaps I had exaggerated when I described them earlier.  Then he lifted the trash lid and found--HUNDREDS--of them all crawling all over each other and the trash.  G.R.O.S.S!!!!  I will spare you the detailed description.  Suffice it to say a strong stomach was in order.  I am thankful to report we have killed the majority of the floor crawlers, and the others went out with the trash today.  But the skin-crawling feeling might hang around a while...

Here's a pic of a few parading through the crack in our floor...

charming little creatures, aren't they?
Fun.  Can't end on the maggot note... Today I got to meet a blog-friend in real life!  Meredith and I met at Panera and talked for hours.  She is every bit as wonderful as I thought she'd be.  Thanks for a great time, Meredith!


joyceandnorm said...

Your girl looks beautiful. And wasn't she born yesterday? They do totally grow up so fast.

God is bigger than we can imagine. May He continue to bring comfort and peace to you.

We had that maggot thing happen before. We just wheeled the bins out like normal, and they were gone. No idea what brought them about.

And hooray! I'm sure you had a ton of fun.

Have a wonderful weekend, Dawn.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, thanks for the photo because now the grossness is fully complete in my mind. BLECH.

I had such a great time too. Thanks for making it happen!

Your daughter is beautiful...she looks just like you. And I'm just now catching up on all the posts I'm behind on here. Thankful for God's graciousness and his healing.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Lea said...

OMG! we've had our day with maggots too and your post brought back those horrible memories! Just so nasty!

So happy you got to meet another CG in "real live person" too. We really need to have a Company Girl Convention. Talk about fun!

Thanks for stopping by and I do love the look of your blog. Very neat and clean!

Karen said...

I smiled when I saw the pics of daughter and daddy, those moments are precious! I read your post earlier this week about Aidan. God is sufficient. The nasty brought back memories, but girl I was drinking my morning coffee, had to scroll past quickly. I would have had to bring out the clorox! AHHHH! Friends, lighter note - isn't it amazing who the Lord directs into our paths.
Have a restful weekend,


Karen said...

Dawn, Pickle is so lovely and I adore the pics with her dad. Now the other pic--not so much...yes, gross! But glad they are gone.

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