Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrating more than great teachers...

I wandered into the auditorium just before the festivities began.  High School Back to School night.  I remembered last year, when I felt like the new girl my daughter was.  New school, new culture, new faces.  This year, as I entered the room, I was greeted by my husband who quickly introduced me to a colleague.  He led me to our seats near some of his coworkers--who I chatted with until the principal started speaking and I figured I should probably shut up.

We had a fun night traveling Pickle's hallways, meeting her teachers, and attending short versions of her classes.  I was impressed by each teacher and know she is going to have a terrific sophomore year!

And while that is worth a celebration in and of itself, I am really celebrating something else that was on my mind all evening...

I wasn't there alone.

Last year my husband's ongoing back issues were so bad that, for the first time ever, he missed a back to school night (he actually missed both of our kid's nights last year).   And while I'm not shy or inhibited, it was lonely last year.  Because we always do this together, and because I knew he wanted to be there.  He had been the school's Business Manager for a year and a half at that point, but that is not the same as knowing what your  child will be experiencing as a student.  I felt like a single mom.

In contrast, hubby is much healthier these days.  He still has his days where his back will interrupt our plans--but they are much fewer and much farther between.  His spirits are up accordingly.  His stress level is down because the school is in a much healthier place financially then it had been--and being the finance guy, the burden was overwhelming at times.  There were times last year when it seemed he didn't want to face being at school any extra hours for the kids' things cause he couldn't escape thinking about it all...

Last night was so different.  We were there together. He introduced me to colleagues and board members.  He chatted happily with folks he knew.  He greeted people with warm handshakes and a hug or two.  I heard him half-jokingly referred to as "the guy who runs this place".  I saw genuine appreciation on the faces of those who know what his job entails.  And I imagine they realize the role he has played in keeping the school afloat through stormy seas.  Everyone seemed to be celebrating that the school was in a much stronger position this year than last.  I am so proud of my husband, and thankful to God for all He has done to provide for this school.
hubby on our vacation this summer.  i love him.
But what I was celebrating in my heart most of all???  We were there together.


Carmen said...

Praise God that he is doing better and could attend this year!!!... I've missed reading up about you're beautiful family and the work God has been doing in your life.


Chris said...

This post warmed my heart to about 1000 degrees!! So many answered prayers are described...so many reasons to be thankful...so thrilled that Pickle's daddy could share that night with you,being able to discover first hand what her school days are like, and who her teachers are...and, most of all, that you were TOGETHER!!

Dawn said...

i am so happy that dave's back is doing better!!! and i could feel the love glowing in your words. i know about together, and i love it so much more than i like lonely. sounds like it was a great night :)

missing you!!!

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