Wednesday, August 17, 2011

summer slipped by

Well, hello.  I've unintentionally taken a summer-long break from blogging.  I have a million small reasons why, but none of them are good excuses.  Just didn't get around to it, didn't prioritize it, and didn't feel like it.  I feel so out of the groove right now, I hardly know how to begin again..

Yet, I feel writing calling to me again.  It's good for my soul.  I even feel like God wants me to.

You would think I would have a large number of ideas saved up to write about, with all that time away from my keyboard...but nope.  Nada.

But I need to prime the pump.

Do you know that expression?  I am not exactly sure where it comes from...I always picture it has something to do with having to pump a water pump a few times before water comes out.  Or maybe it has to do with breaking in a new pair of heels.  (pump, get it?).  Regardless of where it originated, I know where I learned it from.  My mom.

Mom tells the story of her own mother, ill in the hospital after colon surgery.  She hadn't eaten in so long that she had NO appetite.  The doctors wanted her to eat, she needed to eat so they could make sure all systems were a go and she could begin to get better and go home.  She insisted she couldn't do it.  So, the wise nurse (I think) told her she needed to "prime the pump".  In other words, get a little food down to help her body remember that it likes eating.  Or something like that.  Mom, you'll have to correct me in the comments.

Over the years that followed, my mom has used that expression and story many times.  Especially when it comes to reading God's word and praying.  Sometimes we can go so long without reading and praying that it becomes very difficult to start again.  She would say, "prime the pump".  In other words, read a few verses, spend 5 minutes.  Remind yourself why you read and study, why you pray.  It might involve forcing yourself a bit at first.  That's OK.  No need to get all judgmental at yourself--just do it.

So, today I am "priming the pump" when it comes to writing.  I am doing it without anything to say in particular.  I'm writing for the sake of getting the juices flowing again.  Cause I think I'm supposed to write.

So there you have it.  Hope to be back soon.  :0)


kerry said...

so glad you are starting where you are today and getting those blogging juices flowing again!! :o)

Dawn said...

Welcome back! I've missed your blogging and look forward to you getting your pump primed. I'm trying to get back into it, too - maybe once school starts next week and everyone is back into a scheduled routine.

Be blessed!

jennibell said...

"Priming the pump". . .I like that. Sometimes it's all I need to get going. . .it's the priming that's hard to start. . .thanks for the reminder. Will look forward to reading more about you and your family if you decide that blogging can fit into this very busy life you lead!!!

Karen said...

I've heard the phrase many times. And I know exactly how you feel!
Needing to get the pump going again on a project myself.
Hope you are having a great week.

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