Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ever wish you could be superhuman for a day??

Tomorrow we leave for an amazing Hawaiian vacation with hubby's fam.  We are really looking forward to it and have been anticipating it for a long time.  So, this post is NOT a complaining post at all, don't be confused...  We leave on a 6 am flight.  By this point, I had hoped to be just about packed, to have the house relatively straightened ( or maybe even close to all the way clean!) and just using today to finish up at work, and run a few last minute errands and get to bed early. Maybe even have time for a pedicure.  HA!  I, apparently, like to live in a dream world.

So today needs to be a superhuman day.  I need to be able to wiggle my nose or something and have the house organized and neat (busyness has certainly taken it's toll these last few weeks); have the kids wake up and offer to help in any way they can; be able to split into two people and have one of me go to work and one of me pack and run errands.  I need to have lightning quick decision making abilities as I try to figure out what to bring and what to leave behind for 13 days of fun in one 50 pound or less suitcase.  I need to stretch time, so Dave can find time to mow the lawn before we go.  And the list goes on...  I guess I want to be like the little boy Dash in The Incredibles who runs around so fast you can't see him.  Just for today.  

Well, unfortunately, I don't hold out hope that I will have superhuman powers today.  However, I do know that I have supernatural Power on my side.  So, I ask for God's help today.  To be efficient.  To not be neurotic.  To be OK with less than perfection.  To be content with what we are able to accomplish.  To go before me and make the path smooth...that the things I need to accomplish at church will fall into place quickly (like finding teachers for the empty Sunday slots while I'm gone!!).  To help me make quick decisions.  To help me remember everything. To help my kids channel their excitement into helpfulness, and to get along in the process.  To give me peace in the midst of it all.   

I have confidence that He hears my mundane prayers and is happy I know I need Him.

I know you think I should stop blogging already and start packing...time is a-tickin and I'm stressing you out.  OK, I hear you.  I'm off to pray. And experience the supernatural miracle of  hair color from a box.  Roots in Hawaii?  I don't think so.  I hear you have to forfeit your lei if you show up with roots.  


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kimsilver said...

Praying for you, Dawn!
I hate the day before a trip....never organized enough! I am sure you will have a FABULOUS time, and when you get there....all though last minute worries will be a mile away. Have fun!

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