Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yeah, I tend to overshare...

If you think I've got a lot to say....

imagine what she'll be like once she starts drinking diet coke! :)

I think I must have been just like that as a baby. Back in the dark ages when I was a born, people didn't own video cameras. So, I guess we'll never know...

But, I must say, I totally get her.


kimsilver said...

That is hysterical. If you WERE like wonder I couldn't get a word in edgewise in those early years. :0)
Maybe she was speaking in tongues?
It almost sounded as if her mom knew just what she was "talking" about.

Dawn said...

I'm thinking she's going to be a GREAT blogger just as soon as she can type! LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog! We share a lot of similarities - besides our name. My hubby and I will celebrate 19 years this summer, too. Oh, and I love to talk. My mom loves to tell about when I started school. She says she knew the days I was made to do a lot of "quiet work" at school because I would come through the door in the afternoon with my mouth in gear and I didn't stop 'til bedtime. Some things never change.


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