Monday, June 1, 2009

I love a pickle and a bubba

So, my hubby has asked that I not use my kids’ names in my blog.  I know lots of bloggers do and lots don’t, and I was on the fence about it.  When I’m on the fence I often ask hubby, or my mom, or one of my sisters, or someone at work, a friend or whoever’s nearby…because, you see, making decisions is one of my strengths.  J  Anyhoo (anywho?)…I asked and hubby said no names.  So I’m using their nicknames.  My daughter has been Pickle for a long time…short for Pickle-noodle of course.  Most boys in our family are bubba, bubby, or bubbsy at one point or another…and Bubba has really stuck with our little guy, who, by the way, is not so little anymore. Yikes!


So, Bubba’s summer is off to a good start:


On the last day of school we went out for ice cream with his buddies. 


On Saturday, he went to Lowe's and ate hot dogs from the vendor there with his dad.  That’s pretty cool in Bubba's book.  He loves to be with his dad (with good reason).  After Dave got dressed for the day and Bubba was about to go get dressed, he came in to our bedroom and said, “Dad, I want to be just like you today.” (So sweet) Dave, being a bit reflective, said, “that’s so nice, Bubbs, but also kinda scary.”  Bubba said, “what’s scary about it?”  His dad said, “well, I know me, and there are parts of me I’d rather not pass on to you.”  Bubba thought for a minute and then said, “Dad, I’m just talking about the way we are dressed…”   Love that.  Don’t get all deep on me dad…


Today Bubba started a session of swimming lessons—figured we’d get one in before VBS and vacation.  He loves to swim.  It was cool and rainy.  He didn’t care.  He got to swim…

jump in…

and was the longest water-treader of his class.  

Way to rock swimming class, Bubbs!


I’ll post about Pickle soon.  I’m absolutely positive she’ll want me to.


Happy summer break!

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kimsilver said...

cute Bubba pics! Do you know, I call Nathan that over here. Although, it has been known for me to also call Ben and Jake that occasionally, too.

Your blog has been fun to glad my sisters are sharing via blog now, too!

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