Saturday, September 19, 2009

Operation Organization--Week Seven and counting...

I have been organizing with Melinda for several weeks...tackling one small project each week. It's been fun and it's almost done (the challenge, not all the chaotic spots in my home)...maybe we need another 8 weeks, Melinda??

This week (actually today) I tackled my nightstand, which I had let explode all over the place the last few months. Once again, the sorting revealed too much stuff for the space (sensing a pattern here). So once that stuff was taken to it's new and more appropriate home...and a container or two were added from around the house...voila!!

Much better, oui? (throwing a little french at ya today apparently).

This week is full and I'm not going to be around next Friday or Saturday to I considered not commiting to a project this week...but why stop now, right? So I picked something medicine cabinet. Things regularly fall on me when I try to extract a package of medicine...and when you aren't feeling well, who really needs that??

Here is what it looks like now:

and I really want to replace it of course...but for now, I'll focus on straightening it out.

That's all for now my organizing friends...if you are playing along, keep up the good work! If you want to check out some other organizing befores and afters click here.


chris said...

Beautiful! I have a basket like that...never thought of putting books in it. Now you've got your ole mom thinking!

Theta Mom said...

Look at you all organized! Awesome!

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