Tuesday, September 15, 2009


When your kids are the silly kind, you just might come home and find pictures like these on your camera. I did.

you know I didn't take this one...mess in the background...yuck.

check out my little doggie on his tippie toes
looking out the window for me to come home.

and never to be outdone...my pirate son
this one put me over the edge :)

Those kidderoos of mine make me smile every day. They regularly crack me up. (and are quite proud of themselves when they do, I might add.) My kids aren't just silly, they are actually pretty funny. And I am NOT biased at all. Okay, maybe a little biased...but that's a mom's perogative, right?

And although we have plenty of not-silly-AT-ALL moments...I'm so thankful that my kids have great senses of humor and make me laugh out loud (for real, not the LOL you text when you aren't really laughing...) on a regular basis. Laughter is a balm. And laughing together is a different kind of embrace.

unwrapping the everyday gifts with lovely Emily at Chatting at the Sky


kerry said...

i love them. a lot. they make me smile too!

Sharone said...

Dawn, I love this: "Laughter is a balm. And laughing together is a different kind of embrace." That's beautiful. :)

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