Wednesday, September 9, 2009

we committed the unpardonable food sin

I value transparency. I believe in the power of bringing things into the light. So, although not without some fear and trepidation, I have a confession to make before God and blogland.

I feel the need to give the back story first. Hubby and I went away for a night this past weekend. Just to a hotel about 45 minutes away. We had things to talk about—some financial planning, etc.—and wanted some uninterrupted time to talk. (read here: we had to treat ourselves to a night away to make ourselves talk about our least favorite subject.). We had a lovely productive afternoon, and were ready for a late dinner and movie on our big flat screen tv in our room. Our hotel was very near The Cheesecake Factory. We don’t have one in our town. We LOVE The Cheesecake Factory. So it was pretty easy to decide that’s what we wanted for dinner…and to make it even more kicked back and fun, we decided to bring the deliciousness in to our room to devour there. Oh yes, we live life on the edge.

But alas, what to have from their monstruous menu?? We decided to skip the entrees, cause we absolutely wanted appetizers and wanted to save room for dessert. Cause the cheesecake from The Factory is like a taste of heaven. Particularly the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. It’s perfect with diet coke too, in case you are wondering. J


So we are online, looking at the menu and deciding what to order. Here is where the sin first started to sprout in our hearts. (you know, like when Eve started to listen to the serpent in the Garden…)We couldn’t decide and ordered WAY too much. We got us some delicioso corn cakes, and some fried calamari (or as Bubba calls it—crunchy dead squid). Yummmm. Then we ordered an appetizer salad (sounds small, right?) for each of us. And cheesecake for each of us...even though we often split a piece.


Our first clue that we overdid it was that when hubby brought the multiple bags of food into our room, he looked like he had been grocery shopping for a family of four for a week. We laughed—it must be the large packaging— lots of air in those bags.

Our second clue was that there were EIGHT sets of plastic silverware in the bags. This much food? Must be for eight. Oh my goodness. The corn cakes were heavenly and the calamari was all crunchy dead squids should be. The salads were huge (I’m guessing each was to be a salad for several people to appetize on.) We couldn’t finish the salads, but we did some damage.

So, it’s time for the best part—cheesecake!! Yummm. Uh Oh—WAY too full. Hubby too. So we put the cheesecake in the room’s mini fridge for later. We never got over the full. So they stayed in the fridge til morning. Now, I know what you are thinking…the cheesecake made a great breakfast, right? Good thought. Nope—Chick-Fil-A was across the parking lot and was calling our name. We brought that in too, so we could finish our financial stuff. We figured the cheesecake could be for dessert. Again, kinda full. Decided to wait.

And here is my (our) confession. We NEVER ATE THE CHEESECAKE. What a sin! There are people out there who don't have cheesecake! Please don't judge us! At some point in the afternoon as we were shopping we realized that we had checked out of the hotel and the cheesecake was still in the fridge in our room! You could just cry, couldn't you? The little slices of heaven gone to waste! We never get a chance to get cheesecake from The Factory! And it’s quite a treat at $20.00 a slice!! (actually, I don’t think it’s nearly that much, but it is a splurge…especially TWO pieces!!)

I am being somewhat silly here, but in all seriousness, when we discovered what we had left behind, we told each other we could NOT tell ANYONE. We felt so stupid and wasteful. Later we realized we would not be able to quiet our souls until we fessed up. So, thank you bloggies, for reading our tale of over-indulgence and forgotten goodness. Thanks for not judging us. If you ever need to fess up to throwing away good guacamole or leaving a full ice cream container out on the counter to melt, or other such food-sin--I'm totally here for you.

And here's hoping the housekeeping staff was smart enough to sit down and eat the yumminess. Maybe we should have left them the extra forks. We had plenty.



Ladybug Mama said...

Oh I love Cheesecake Factory. We don't get it very often because it's kinda pricey. But hey I've left stuff in hotel fridges before. And I've also left stuff out that should be refrigerated only to find them in the morning. To late then. Don't worry about it.

chris said...

And I thought you were going to say that you were thinking of saving that deliciousness (since you were full!) for your babysitters back at home. Oh well, our scales are easier to face because you forgot it in the fridge. :o) So sorry you didn't get the chance to indulge!

kerry said...

i can't imagine your pain...i would totally be completely mad at myself for leaving it there. i mean, come on...white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake from TCF??? it's a heavenly party in your mouth.

i do appreciate your openness. this is not something that someone would usually admit. i'm proud of you! :o)

now i'm drooling.

Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

Let's just assume that the hotel housekeeping staff discovered the cheesecake and it made their day :) Maybe it was even one of their birthdays and the cake was a special surprise?!

Thanks for stopping by to say hello today!

Dawn said...

What? You didn't drive back to claim it??? LOL

We understand. There's a Factory about 20 minutes from us. And it's a good thing it's 30 minutes from us - just close enough to say we "have one" but far enough (with traffic) to not be too convenient!

Your honesty is admirable!

Katie Kubler said...

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Kim said...


Jo@Mylestones said...

Shoot. Now I'm hungry for cheesecake. And to think somewhere out there are two whole pieces of unclaimed heaven. Sigh.

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

A week later, and I'm still thinking about this cheesecake!

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