Tuesday, September 29, 2009

scooby-dooby-doo, where are you?

In my purse. That's right. Scooby is in my purse. Well...at least his head is. Right next to my wallet and lip balm and the silly putty, of course.

On Tuesdays, Emily at Chatting at the Sky challenges us to unwrap the blessings in the midst of the ordinariness of life. Today I am unwrapping these little silly reminders that Bubba isn't totally all grown up yet.

My kids are old enough now (13 and 8) that the days of shoving a pull up, some wipes, a snack and a sippy cup into my bag in order to leave the house are long gone...I'm happy to say that they both use the bathroom themselves, and they are able to be content (ish) at the grocery store without a little baggie of cheerios. While the good outweighs the bad of this stage of life...it's a little sad just the same.

So, as I dig around in my purse under my seat in the dark at the Women of Faith conference this past weekend in pursuit of a pen and my hand grasps a plastic silly putty egg...I smile. My little guy isn't so little anymore...but he still shoves a toy or two in my purse. In case of a boredom emergency I guess. He's always prepared. He should be a boy scout.

I could get frustrated that I am carrying around an ever-increasing collection of boy-stuff--or I could choose to smile, and embrace these mini Bubba souveniers. I choose to smile.

And every now and then, remove a few little treasures from my purse.

And hope Scooby's head is reunited with his body soon...cause it's just a wee bit creepy.

ps. I invite you back tomorrow. It's a special day for me and I'm posting about it.


Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

So cute...this made me smile!

Sharone said...

What a sweet story! The toys are like a secret he unknowingly whispers to your heart. :) And by he, I of course mean Scooby Doo ;)

Kelli said...

How sweet to find this treasure!! Love it when that happens.

dawn said...

Sharone--you made me laugh out loud! :)

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