Friday, April 16, 2010

it's a parentsy day

Catching up with the Company Girls today.

Today is a parentsy day.  We are so thankful to have both sets of our parents healthy and a big part of our lives.  They are both VERY supportive of us through all the good and the ugly we face. Here they all are last November at Bubba's Grandparent's Day at school.

On the left are my parents, who are celebrating their 44th anniversary today!  Can you believe they went to high school prom together?  Yup, they were high school sweethearts--he was the football player and she was the cheerleader.  Kind of sounds like the plot of a Nicholas Sparks novel or Taylor Swift song, huh?  They started out marriage with nothing but love...and here they are 44 years later.  What a gift to have my parents love each other my whole life.  God is faithful.

On the right are hubby's parents--arriving today for a visit from Florida!  They will be here for Pickle's birthday tomorrow and her dance recital next weekend.  We are thankful they are willing to come and join in our busy lives--it must feel like they jump on a treadmill already in motion, run to keep up for a while, and then fling off of it just in time to stay sane!  They are a blessing.

So today is a parentsy day.  Hooray!

In other news:

Pickle turns 14 tomorrow {smile}, and she has been sick all week {boo}.  Don't know if it's migraines or what...but she had nausea for a few days and now killer headaches on and off for a few days.  Last time she had similar symptoms it was a sinus infection--so I think I'll try to get her into the doctor today.

Hubby's back is doing alright, but he is weary on all fronts.  I'm praying diligently for God to refresh him.

I'm so thankful for my bro-in-law Jeff and friend John--who came over last night and helped us get our Christmas boxes (yes, you read that right, CHRISTMAS boxes) out of our guest room in the basement up into the attic above the second floor.  We finally accepted that hubby's back was not going to allow him to do it, and we need that room!  So thankful to have people in our life we feel we can ask for help.

God has me in a season of trusting, trusting, trusting.  Not trying to fix, control or figure out.  Just trust, listen, love and surrender.  Can't go wrong with that, right?

I'm off to ready a guest room (and as much of the rest of the house I can) and call the doctor for my sick almost-14-year-old.  Happy Friday, everyone!


MrsJenB said...

Happy anniversary to your parents! What a beautiful example they are.

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's illness. As a migraine sufferer I can relate. Poor thing. Happy birthday to her!

I'm also sorry that your husband's back has been acting up. I hope he feels better real soon.

Have a great weekend!

Diane said...

How wonderful for your son to have all of his grandparents with him on that special day! And what an incredible example - for both you and your kids - of faithfulness your parents are.

Will pray for a return to health for your family, especially that your husband doesn't overdo it when his back starts to feel better (been there, done that...not pleasant!)

Aiming4Simple said...

Hi Dawn!

How wonderful for the blessing of exemplary parents.

Sorry that your girl is sick. Wow, she'll be 14, really? I recollect seeing the two of you before she was even born (when you were the RD).

"Swiftly fly the years" indeed.


One More Equals Four said...

Poor Pickle! I hope she feels better soon! My sister and my middle son both suffer from migraines and it is definitely no fun. Hope she feels like celebrating 14 years. How blessed to have such a wonderful family around her!

Ashley said...

Yeah for parents! It is truly a blessing when parents (and grandparents) are able to leave such a beautiful legacy for us to walk in!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Pickle! Happy anniversary to your parents! Enjoy your time together with your family.

Melinda said...

I hope she had a great birthday and that you all enjoyed visiting with your inlaws.

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