Monday, April 26, 2010

moments of calm

I'm sitting.  Quietly.  Just me.

My Bible, my journal, a purple pen and my mug of diet coke are nearby.  The TV is off, the music is off, there is no chatter.  I hear only the birds singing outside, my dog sleeping and my fingers clicking the keyboard.

I smell the roses given in honor of beautiful dancing, and the sun is streaming through the window.

Calm.  Thoughts and happenings threaten to spin through my head, but I choose calm.

After a lovely and busy visit, my in-laws have left for the airport this morning.  My husband, whose back has kept him from work on and off these last weeks feels good enough to go today.  My birthday-girl-dancer has gone to school even though she has a muscle knot in her back that I just couldn't quite rub away.  Bubba is off to school along with his Paul Revere diorama that was finally finished last night.  I close the door behind them all--those I love dearly and miss while we are apart--and breathe a sigh of calm.

The hubbub is gone for a bit.  Everyone has left.  But I'm not really alone.  He is here.  Now I choose to sit, and rest in Love, and listen.  Yes.  This is good.


melissa said...

i seriously felt the peacefulness overflowing from you as i read this!


Dawn said...

Ahhh... silence after lots of activity is always a good thing.

Drink it up and enjoy His refreshing!!!

Karen said...

Dawn, well written. I felt and experienced your peace and sigh of relief. "Been there, done that."

Richella said...

So good. Thank you for sharing your calm, blessed moment.

Dawn said...

your words just wrapped me up in your peace... lovely.

Sharone said...

Lucky you! Beautiful moment. I feel more peaceful just reading it. :)

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