Monday, April 12, 2010

spinning questions


Today, too many questions are spinning through my mind...I can hardly reign them in.  So much thinking, my brain hurts.  Do you ever feel like that?

Some of my questions today (in no order whatsoever):

*  why didn't I notice that my "1000 gifts" notebook had left my bedside for a whole week?
*  why did I completely forget about listing my gifts each night?
*  will I be able to recruit all of the key people I need for VBS?  can I turn back time and do that yesterday?
*  will Bubba be able to shake off the teasing he got at soccer practice tonight?
*  should I be concerned that my daughter is reciting, word-for-word, the willy wonka movie?
*  will I ever catch up on laundry?
*  do I really like the purple nailpolish on my toes?
*  what theme should the children's area at church have?
*  will an all-natural or gluten-free diet help with the depression members of my family struggle with?
*  how will we survive without convenience foods if we change diets?  (yikes!)
*  how can we help Bubba easily make a revolutionary war scene diorama?
*  what should I get Pickle for her birthday?  when do I have time to shop?
*  will anyone notice I didn't do my 1000 gifts post today?

Any questions spinning through your mind today??  Feel free to share.  We can take a deep breath together and rest in the fact that we don't need to have all the answers right now...


Chris said...

Bubba was teased tonight? That makes me so sad. Whoever did it should be glad that Bubba's grandma wasn't there...or else they would have had to deal with someone a bit older than a 9 year old!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I am so sorry you have to do a revolutionary war diorama. Honestly, that makes me twitch a little.

I just signed up to help with VBS at our church. I helped last year (after a six year VBS sabbatical) and I think I had more fun than my kids!

Sorry your son was teased. And I hope your gluten free diet works and that you find the perfect gift for your daughter.

Dawn said...

I could mirror a lot from that list. Only one could I answer with relative certaintly...

Regarding laundry. No. I'll never catch up. Ever.

Sorry your son was teased. That gets the mama bear cranked up in me. Kids can be so mean. My son hasn't been on the receiving end very often. But boy, oh, boy has my daughter. Mean girls. And their mean mamas, too.

Careful about jumping on a full gluten free diet - chat with your doctor first as it can also cause some other issues.

Be blessed, girl friend!

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