Friday, September 24, 2010

company girl catch-up

It's Friday again.  I love Fridays, but not how quickly they come!  Boy, the weeks fly!

I am finding the days very full lately.  I find myself running out of steam a bit.  I think I'm using more mental energy than my old brain can handle.  And I find myself not getting around to reading blogs or taking much time myself to blog--which I love to do.

Here are a few of the mental activities I'm guessing are a big part:

1)  24/24 challenge.  I am striving to spend an hour a day with God for 24 days.  This sounded easier than it turns out to be, and I think I was wrong about how much time I actually do spend with God.  Such a valuable venture--I'm sticking it out and not obsessing over the two saturdays and one thursday that I barely got 5 minutes with God.  I hope to post more on all that soon.

2) New kids program at church:  Two weeks ago we kicked off our fall schedule at church which included a new format for our kids.  It takes more weekly planning and coordination on my part--which I enjoy--but am finding myself working Saturdays some, and stretching some brain muscles on making it all work.  I love what we are doing though--and am sure God led me to it.

3)  Weight Watchers:  My mom and sis have had great success with weight watchers.  With my sister trying to take off baby pounds again, they are re-upping their efforts and I have decided to join them.  I would like to get rid of the 12 pounds that showed up over the last few months.  Uninvited, I might add.  And my normal ways of shedding the results of an overindulgent week or two weren't working.  Those pounds were not taking the hint and inviting others to come and hang out with them.  I think it's an age thing, which is not encouraging.  I lost three pounds during week one.  I am not used to thinking about everything I eat, or even thinking about eating in general very much.  So, it's a mental shift that I am sure is taking it's toll on my brain power.  Cause now my eating involves math.  Too bad you don't burn calories doing math and keeping track of what you eat!

4)  New Bible Study:  Started Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild in our women's Bible Study.  It is a "thought closet makeover".  I am working to listen to the things I say to myself, my internal soundtrack.  It's interesting, but you can imagine that my soundtrack is quite wordy!

5)  Medical Stuff:  Hubby's back, Pickle's migraines, my neck stuff.  Bills.  Best ways to treat.  What works, what doesn't.  Research. Appointments. Watching them suffer. Exhausting.

So what?  I have plenty to think about.  Who doesn't?  I just need to keep relying on God to help me spend my mental energy on things that are most important.  Trust Him to supply all my needs as He promises to.  And listen to Him, so He can guide and shape and teach me the way to go.

It's been unseasonably warm here in CO--hit 90 a few times recently.  However, there is a crispness to the morning air that is reminding me fall really is coming.  I can see yellow on the mountains as the Aspens begin to turn.  It's rejuvenating to think of a new season--my favorite at that.  I think I'll try to steal some time today to fall-i-fy my home.  Light an apple candle and let it's smell remind me that seasons come and go, but God's faithfulness remains.

And now I'm off to get Pickle to the doctor--hoping this three day migraine does not prevent her from going to her first homecoming tomorrow!

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Karen said...

Oh, Dawn, I'm hoping Pickle feels better! Say, just and idea, have you tried a chiroprator for her headaches? I work for one and many come to him for relief. Just an idea. You do have alot on your plate. Will be in prayer. Blessings**

Karen said...

You've had alot going on girl! But congratulations on the 3lbs.
My husband was just in CO, this past week on a hunting trip. I got to see the pictures last night. The aspens were turning and they were so pretty.
Have a restful weekend,
Karen (two comments in a row from two Karens, bet that don't happen very often)

joyceandnorm said...

Sounds like a lot going on over there as usual. Hope you are able to take it easy from time to time.

One More Equals Four said...

So sorry about Pickle's migraines. My sister has suffered from them for as long as I can remember. She has learned to help prevent them (to some extent) with diet but when she gets knocks her out for days. Hoping you get some solutions! Hope you have time for a little rest this weekend!

Alicia said...

Oh, sweet Pickle--hope she feels better. My sister has battled migraines for years...they are awful.

Dawn said...

you are a busy friend!
sending love & support your way!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, sweet girl. You have a lot! You are in my prayers. The 24/24 hour challenge sounds really interesting. Thank you for bringing it up. Sounds like it will do me good.

Dayle said...

I think as long as we're moving forward, bit by bit, one step at a time, we are to be congratulated. I've struggled with the 24/24 challenge, as well, but still pressing on. As for losing weight, yes, age is the culprit. I wish I could say it gets better. LOL! I finally did something drastic this year and joined a weight-loss program. YAY! I lost the 17.5 pounds I sought to lose. And am still maintaining that successfully. It sucks to have to watch what I eat, but I plan to press on and keep it up. It's better than bulging out of my clothes.

I'm sure you will succeed at your weight-loss endeavor too, Dawn. Mind over matter.

CindyC said...

You do have a lot going on.

When I was a teen, my youth pastor challenged us to take 3 weeks (since after 21 days you form a habit) and "tithe" on our hours, offering a tenth of our time to God. (I think it was during the summer, so no school, etc.) That was a really wonderful and rich time, and I wish I had the discipline to spend at least a decent amount of time with God daily. I'm sure you're so blessed by the time you have been able to spend on your 24 day journey.

I hope you have had a good weekend. :)

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