Thursday, September 23, 2010

on being maisie's aunt

Baby feet.  Tiny toes.
Floppy, snuggly, warmth of her little body on mine.
The smell of new life.
Peaceful slumber in my arms.
Little smiles, not fully practiced, but there.
Big baby eyes trying to take in the world.
Velvety soft cheeks, and yummy neck--perfect for kissing.

Learning to change the new and improved cloth diapers.
Remembering how to calm the fussies.
(It's been almost a decade since this mama rocked a newborn.)

She is growing too fast, so I'm grabbing this tiny baby loveliness while I can.
I will love her her entire life, yet I treasure these moments.
I know too well how quickly they are gone.
I could let her little self sleep on me forever.
I love every part of being an aunt to this sweet girl.

Maisie Jane.
You make me happy.


sarah said...

she's adorable. Love those little feet and all her cuteness...and love that name too.

Kathleen said...

She is just beautiful! Great photos.

Jennie said...

There is something simply magical about *everything* newborn. She is precious! I miss my newborns! It's only been about a year and a half for me, but even that feels too long. *sniff* It goes way too fast!

Dayle said...

Sweet newborn babies ... being an aunt is indeed a pleasure. I'm fixing to be a great aunt and can hardly contain myself!

Always great to see you, Dawn.

Dawn said...

baby feet & baby eyes... two things that make me melt :) she is so sweet!

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