Tuesday, May 11, 2010

choosing to celebrate laundry?

Celebrate laundry?  Really?  Have I completely lost it? (don't answer that.)

As I look at my day ahead, it is full.  Lots to do at work, meeting a friend, rush home to cook dinner, help Pickle get caught up on homework..and then I saw it.  Mt. Washmore.  I mentioned it yesterday.  Never was home long enough to make a dent in it yesterday.  I hate when I let it pile up.  Ugh.  And now, when will I get to it today?  I can get my normal load in, but not sure I can do more than that.  That overwhelmed feeling starts to set in...cause the laundry is staring at me, telling me that it represents all the things I am behind in.  I think it's mocking me.

And then I realize I have a choice.  Not whether I do the laundry or not (darn).  I have a choice in the way I think about it.  I can choose to get down on myself for letting it pile up.  I can get frustrated that I don't manage my time well enough to keep up with my housework all the time.


I can choose to be thankful for the laundry.  Or at least be thankful people who have dirtied that pile of stink.  I could have hardly any laundry if I didn't have a family.  Each sock, each t-shirt, belongs to someone I love and get to care for.  I can be thankful that my getting-old-too-fast body is physically able to bend and carry and fold.  I can even be thankful for the full life I lead that keeps me from staying on top of it sometimes.

The alternatives to not having piles of laundry--I don't want to think about them.

I'm choosing to be thankful today for my laundry. And my family.  And my health.

...and my washing machine!

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Chris said...

Yup! Perspective, and a heart of gratitude changes everything. Even Mt Washmore, when you don't have the time to wash more.

Dawn said...

it is something i try to remember... to be thankful for the ones who dirty the laundry :) i don't always remember... but then again, i have a husband who seems to enjoy laundry. as long as he can do it his way. all the pants together. all the shirts together, etc. i think it is weird, but who cares!

Southern Gal said...

Yes. My mom once complained about how my dad messed up the bedclothes so badly every night. A lady overheard her and told her to be thankful she had a husband. This lady was a widow and wished she could fix those messed up bedclothes again. Mama always told us that when we complained about something. Be thankful. Even for laundry. Thanks for the reminder.

keLi said...

whoa. you have just shown spiritual superpowers ... i rarely look at laundry and think "blessing."

SmallWorld at Home said...

Great reminder and sooo true!

Rachel said...

What a great perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Misty said...

Thanks for stopping by my place at Yellow Shoe Day. I'm enjoying meeting new folks. I realize this was last weeks post but I love it.
I have a friend who shares a story about how grouchy she was about not being able to afford a new refrigerator. Her's was not a nice color, the fruit drawer was broken and it was a mess. She says she realized she needed an attitude adjustment and spent an hour cleaning it out from top to bottom while praying to God about how thankful she is that she has food to feed her family, electricity to keep food fresh and an abundance of choices and the grocery store.
I let my laundry pile up and I hate that it is a chore that is never complete. I love your comment about the people who wear the clothes. I'm off the start a load now. Thanks for the attitude adjustment.

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