Friday, May 7, 2010

the million little things of motherhood

"There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one." Jill Churchill

I love this picture of Bubba and I getting ready for my sister's wedding in 2004.  It captures one of the million little things of being a mom...that we don't usually have pictures of...

I have had the privilege of being a mom for 14 + years.  Each stage has held it's joys and challenges. Each has kept me on my knees humbly dependent on God's help, and in deep gratitude for the gifts of my children and the role I get to play in their lives.

When I think of motherhood though, I mostly think of the day-to-day, million little things it means at each stage. 

At first it's all about wonder, diapers, spit up, large bags full of essentials in order to go anywhere, and an overwhelming love not thought possible before.

Then it's about ABCs, snuggles, bedtime stories and prayers, coloring, tying shoes, buttoning clothes, wiping tears and potty training (almost the death of this mama!!).

Then it's about homework, packing lunches, the joy of seeing personalities and gifts develop, soccer games and dance buns, and encouragement when the disappointments come.

Right now I'm in the stage of growing independence, important conversations, performances, hanging out together, and driving, driving and driving!!

I know I'll never be the perfect mama--but there are a million little ways I get to be a good one. 


Deidra said...

Happy Mothers Day to you! May you blessed, encouraged, and made to laugh out loud!

Karen said...

A million little ways add up to a whole lot! Happy Mother's Day!

Dawn said...

oh dawn... true and beautiful! (and another parallel... potty training almost killing us?!) happy mother's day. i hope it is a beautiful celebration of a millions things :)

Amy said...

I'm in the homework, packing lunches, soccer games phase. And I have to say, I would be happy if it could last forever! The kids aren't too sassy yet, they still need me, a little, yet they are also growing independent at the same time.
Happy mothers day!

Jennifer C said...

I love this is so true! It really is a privilege to be a mother. :) Hope you had a blessed Mother's day! :)

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