Friday, May 7, 2010

Company Girl Coffee 5.7

Well, it's definitely May.  The schedule is full and I am starting to mark days by what event we put behind us... As of today we have Pickle's choir concert behind us, and Bubba has gone off to school as a Bible character for Bible Character Day today.

Here he is:

Can you guess who he is???

Look closely...

You are right!  It's Jonah (after being spit up on the beach!).  That's supposed to be seaweed and sea creatures all over him.  We decided against being wet, or any barf smell.  I am guessing his teacher would thank us on both accounts. :)

AND, I think I've located an outfit for him to wear next week for his wax museum--he has chosen to be Billy Sunday.  Wish he picked some cowboy or something easier...

By the end of the weekend, we will also have small group, Pickle's piano recital, Youth Group Rummage Sale (Pickle's working at 6 am tomorrow and I have gotta get my stuff together and dropped off tonight!), another soccer game, VBS promo kick-off, and Mother's Day behind us.  God willing.  :)

I am definitely starting to feel the need for school to be over (my kids have been feeling it for a while).  I want there to be less "stuff" in all manner of directions needing all sorts of outfits, and prep.

Are the rest of you company girls in the same crazy boat as me??  (better this boat than the one Jonah was in I guess...)


Alicia said...

Whew! Yes, things are very busy for us, as well! That is mainly due to our upcoming move...but I'm so busy I feel like I haven't even really started on the packing. Super tired tonight.
Love your son's outfit...did you make it? Thank you for deciding against barf smell! Haha.

Dawn said...

oh may. my gosh... what doeesn't kill us makes us stronger :) it makes me crazy that all this great stuff happens in such a crunch of time! don't forget to breathe!

Ashley said...

JONAH!! :)

Just making the Coffee Girl Rounds this AM - Have a GREAT weekend!

joyceandnorm said...

I love the costume!!

Happy mother's day Dawn!

Frugal Friend said...

Cute oufit! Did you make that?

Yes, I'm more than ready for a break. And a really long one too. Although I don't think we are getting it. Seems like everywhere I turn, more and more work keep popping up!

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