Wednesday, May 5, 2010

may I be excused?

Help!  I think I've used up all of the extra thought-space in my brain!  You know, the extra-space reserved for seasons like this...and I think mine is gone!  Yikes!   Anyone know how I feel?  Anyone?

It's that time of ending, yard work and flower planting calling (so far, the call has not been answered, by the way), VBS approaching a bit too quickly.  It's always busy.  Teacher appreciation,  end-of-the-year festivities, final schoolwork to push through, summer plans to figure out and solidify.  I run through my days hoping not to forget anything!

On top of all the normal May-things, I am also trying to research naturalistic answers to depression and back pain.  We are trying to make small changes in our diet, and anticipating bigger ones to come.  We are trying to investigate practioners who might help us.  It seems I am thinking twice about everything we normally eat and do.   Hubby and I are trying to remember to fit in a nightly yoga-for-back-pain session.

And, amazingly, God is finding a way to speak to me in the midst of it all...about things that warrant their own posts one day.  Layers of myself He wants peeled off so I can be more like His Son.  More to think about...

The result of all this...I can't seem to put two coherent thoughts together for more than a half a second. (hence this rambling post--sorry!)  I am always thinking of at least four topics simultaneously. (which doesn't work, in case you were thinking of trying it...)  And there is no auto-pilot.  It seems everything is being re-thought or needing creativity and my thought-space is all used up.  And there's lots I still want to know and figure out and decide on...

What's a girl to do??

Breathe.   Trust.     Pray.    Do the next thing.     Let go.    Give thanks.  Pray.    Trust.    Breathe.

So, while my posts might be a tad sporadic in coming days, and you might wonder what I'm up to...know that I'm praying, and concentrating on breathing, and being held together by the God who is surprised by none of this.

And maybe wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood with some vbs decorations hanging around my shoulders, and a piano recital program in my hand...if you see me, point me home, kay?


Kris said...

I'm right there with you. I always forget how crazy May is. In a normal year. And this year is anything but normal for our family as well.

One task at a time. Hang in there!

Karen said...

Ah, VBS alone can do that to you! Take the time you need. Way to go with your aggressive search for remedies. Blessings

Dawn said...

may is like december... too full of fun for its own good! i am racing, too... and i was just thinking that when i am in go-go-go moded, there is barely time for two beautiful words to bump together in my brain. hang in there, friend... and take time to enjoy the fun stuff.

CafeAngelica said...

I love the way you word things! Hey, thanks for stopping by! It was so nice to meet you!
Please come back any time. I'll put the coffee on~

Anonymous said...
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