Tuesday, August 3, 2010


At the risk of mentioning a cultural reference that half of you are too young to get...I have a catsup jingle stuck in my head.  "An-tic-i-pa-tion.  An-tic-i-pa-ay-tion. Is making me wait.  It's keeping me way-ay-ay-ay-ting."  Okay, hubby reminds me that is actually a Carly Simon song they used for heinz commercial.  If you can't sing along with the lyrics I typed--look up the song online.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Now that you are singing along, you should know why we are anticipa-ay-ay-ting over here.  My sweet sister Kerry is in major countdown mode.  Baby Maisie is scheduled to be born via c-section on Wednesday!  Tomorrow!  Kerry could potentially go into labor sooner...and then little fingers and toes and lips would be here sooner too.

Pickle and I are feeling the anticipation--not in the too-hot, too-big, can't-get-comfortable way my sister is...but in the goosebumps-cause-she's-coming-soon way.  We are excited for Kerry and Jeff and Caleb, and excited for ourselves too.  It is beyond cool to hold a newborn you've already loved for months.

Anticipating something good is a luxurious rush.  I'm unwrapping the gift of the anticipation we feel today...and will be back with good news soon!

What are you anticipa-ay-ay-ting??

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Dawn said...

I remember the song and the commercial. Goes right along with the new bifocals I pick up today. (Seriously!)

There is nothing like a new baby and all their sweetness! Looking foward to the good news and tons of pictures.

Blessings upon your family and this new little one during this exciting time!

Melissa said...

I remember the song and the commercial, too!

So exciting to have a baby arriving so soon! Blessings to all of you!

Southern Gal said...

Love Carly Simon so I know the song. So excited for you as you anticipate her arrival! My granddaughter is 6 weeks old today. My great-niece is scheduled to come on Friday. Lots of baby love around here, too!

Dayle said...

Anticipation ... that wonderful little thing that makes life so much more fun. Praying all goes well tomorrow.

Karen said...

Now I'm humming that song....Oh, how wonderful. I expect to see pics of the little one. Pray all goes well.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i totally remember that jingle! and thank you very much will have it stuck in my head all day! ;)

blessings & prayers today for the delivery of God's sweet little miracle!

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