Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesdays Unwrapped: a new beginning

Today is the first day of school for Pickle.  Her first day of HIGH SCHOOL.  And while I'm tempted to go down the road of reminiscing--how it's been mere moments since she was heading to PRESCHOOL, I'll save that sentimental blabber for another time.

Instead, I'm choosing to celebrate this new beginning.  It's not just her first day of high school (yikes--I'm still not used to it!), it's also her first day of Christian school.  She is joining her younger brother at the school where her daddy works.  It's going to be a new experience in more ways than one.  There will be new people, new classes, a new school-culture to learn, a new level of learning, and a new place to navigate.  A new beginning.

New beginnings can be scary if we choose to focus on the security of what we have left behind.  We can romanticize the past instead of embracing what lies in front of us.

We are not short on  butterflies over here, naturally...

...yet we celebrate a new beginning, one filled with opportunities for the taking.  Instead of focusing on what has been, I encourage her to enjoy what will be, the fresh start, the new notebooks and the new friendships-to-come.  We get to choose what we focus on.  Today we pick this new beginning.

I love you Pickle, you are going to have a great freshman year!


kimsilver said...

Love the pictures of Pickle...dare I say, they look kind of professional?
I also almost bought that shirt for myself today in brown. But I was frustrated with the low cut-ness of the scoopneck. I need a HS girl to show me I need to stick a cute scoopneck tee underneath. Duh. Thanks, Pickle. Hope your day was Fan-tab-u-lo-so. :0)

Dawn said...

what a wonderful beginning! and i love that you are embracing what lies ahead! i hope her day was fantastic! and funny about the shirt... saw it @ the store and thought it was cute, and was glad i didn't push laura towards it because of the neckline! you guys have a great solution :) happy day, happy day!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful girl - love the photos.

Kat will be starting her first day of high school one week from today. How did we get here so fast???

And yes, we've been focusing on new beginnings, too.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty girl! I have one entering those middle school years ... hard to believe. But I'll join you in celebrating the new opportunities and new fresh starts! I always enjoy reading your blog - thanks for sharing! :)

Dayle said...

What a beautiful daughter you have. And what adventures await you both. Here's to embracing new beginnings.

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