Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She's here!

For those of you checking in to see if my niece has arrived safely I thought I better update!

Maisie Jane is here and adorable.  She arrived at 12:50 pm by planned C-section.  She was 8 lbs, 3 oz and 20.5 inches.  She has lots of dark hair (for now at least) and is just sweet as can be.  Kerry is doing well and is very happy of course.

My whole family is just smitten with this little one.  Let me share with you some favorite moments (and of course some pictures too!):

*  Jeff smiling as he walked toward my mom and I from the operating room on his way to the nursery.  He was carrying his girl--and he said, "She's perfect."  The nurse snapped this pic of us--our faces say it all.

*Seeing Mom's tears of joy and thankfulness when it sunk in that both Maisie and Kerry were well.  She said,  "I'm so happy."

* Watching through the nursery window the way Jeff was beaming with his eyes glued to Maisie as they did all the baby-nursery-stuff to her.  He looked as happy as he did on his wedding day.

*Seeing big brother Caleb contentedly hold Maisie for the first time, checking out every part of her and kissing her.  We asked this very active guy a few times if he was done and he said, "I want to keep holding her."

*Kerry so proud of Caleb as he assumed the big brother role.

*Caleb asking Pickle if she would like to "pet" Maisie.  Ha!

* When I asked Caleb what his favorite part of Maisie was--he snuggled her and said, "I just love her."  Precious.

* Watching Bubba totally fall in love with his little cousin as he held her.  I approached him and he whispered, " She's beautiful. "  He was in awe.

* Laughing when Caleb's second time holding his sister included pulling her upper lip up and declaring that she had no teeth!

*Observing how grown up and beautiful Pickle looked with a baby in her arms.  Be still my heart.

* And of course, the relief and joy of realizing Maisie is here, Kerry is well, and that our family's hearts have expanded to love another precious gift.

Thanks for letting me share our joy.


Dawn said...


I saw some of these pictures on FB but didn't comment on them. She is indeed beautiful! Thanks for sharing the stories that go along with the photos - makes them that much more meaningful.

The picture of Pickle and Maisie? Visions of things to come!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

BEAUTIFUL! I'm happy for your family and now I miss my sister more than ever! She's due in about a month and I'm going to travel to see her after the baby comes. Feeling like I need to book a ticket to get there sooner now!!!

Sharone said...

What a beauty! New babies make me all teary-eyed. Congratulations to your family :)

Graceful said...

She is the sweetest! And I love that picture of you and your mom looking in the nursery window!

Dayle said...

Isn't she an angel? I'm smitten. Newborns have a way of stealing my heart. Loved the text that went along with these pics. Heartwarming.

Karen said...

Dawn, I couldn't wipe the silly grin off my face the whole time. Babies are such miracles, and she's a beauty. So glad all are fine. Thanks for sharing and I love the family comments. :)

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