Monday, August 2, 2010

The World of Water

I hope to be flushed out of this today.

Just thought you should know.

I'm spending the day at one of my favorite places.  Waterworld.  With a group of students from church.  And Pickle.  There will be splashing, sunshine, laughing, thrills, floating, walking, racing, and silliness.  And maybe some relaxing.  And being flushed out of a giant blue and yellow toilet bowl with my 14 year old daughter. 100% fun!

Except for the parading my 40-something body around in a swimsuit with a bunch of skinny teenaged girls part.  I always forget about that until too late...stink.

Ohwell.  Everyone knows that people look tanner and thinner through chlorinated eyes.



Karen said...

laughing....funny, Dawn! Yes, I agree the chlorinated water does slim a person. :P Hope you had lots of fun.

Dayle said...

You're a very brave woman.

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