Friday, October 23, 2009

Random list of happiness

There are lots of amazing people and things in my life I enjoy---many meaningful, eternally valuable gifts I've been given. I'm not talking about those today. Today I'm talking about the meaningless stuff that adds joy to my life.

In the spirit of randomness, I thought I would list 10 of those things for your reading pleasure. (feel free to thank me in whatever way you deem appropriate).

I can't even call it a top ten list...cause that would mean I thought about it for more than three seconds. I didn't. I promise.

My not necessarily top ten unimportant yet happy things in no order whatsoever:

1. Candy: Oh yes, I love candy. Always have. There are many different categories of candy-love in my heart. Chewy & Fruity--like jelly beans and gummy peaches. Candy bars--Milky Ways, Twix and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups top the list. And the sugary type that only kids are supposed to like--bottle caps, fun dip and runts just hit the spot sometimes. Oh, and M & Ms--they are their own category--peanut, plain, and my new fav--strawberried peanut butter. I almost always have candy out when folks come over, and almost always have some in my pantry at home and my desk drawer at work.

2. Diet Coke: This is a well-established love of mine. It's an addiction and is probably even worse for me than I realize. I prefer it over ice, and McDonalds diet coke is the best. Nuff said there.

3. Our gas fireplace: I know it's not a real fire in a real fireplace (you know, with wood and everything), but what I love about it is that it goes on with a flip of a switch...and therefore we use it often. I sit right on the hearth and let my back warm up and then go plop on the couch and enjoy the warmth. Yeah baby.

4. Dansko shoes: These are fairly ugly and honestly THE best things I have ever put on my feet. They are SO supportive (best arch support ever) and last forever. I bought my first pair when I was substitute teaching and on my feet all was love at first wear. Such a wonderful feeling to slip them on my feet and know my feet and legs are all set for the day.

5. Colored pens: I really, really like to write in a color other than black or blue. I mean, to fill out forms and to write a quick note normal pens are fine, but to make lists, journal, and take notes, I fine a colored pen so much happier. Most often I use the colored Flair pens, but am always looking for something I like better. Suggestions?

6. Scented Candles: I heart scents in my home. (Good scents, that is. The unidentified smell in the fridge...not so much.) I use candles for scent the most. My favorite for this time of year is Mulled Cider from Gold Canyon Candles, but I also am liking the Leaves scent from Bath and Body Works.
7. My pink sheep slippers--I got them for Christmas a few years ago. I wanted Haflinger slippers cause they have arch support (sensing a little theme here?) and my hubby found these:

Aren't they cute?

8. My pandora charm bracelet--have you seen these in your parts? Only a few stores here carry them...but I think they are super cute. Hubby and kids have been adding to mine slowly. I tried to get a picture...but I stink at photography.

9. Homemade rice bags--my mom makes us these from hand towels that she folds in half, fills with (uncooked) rice and sews closed. You can then heat it in the microwave. It is great for sore muscles, headaches, tummy aches, and most aches and pains. It's very comforting, and I find it can calm my kids when they are having trouble settling down. LOVE these.

10. Our bed. My hubby thinks ours is old and needs to be replaced, but I still love it. Besides the obvious, I love to read, write, surf the net, watch TV and relax in our bed. Just about every time I get in, I think...aah, I love bed. I have one of those memory foam contour pillows, and a heated mattress pad (awesome) that make it extra wonderful.

I hope you enjoyed my random list of happiness. I'd love to hear some of your favorite things...

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chris said...

I just ordered 2 new pairs if Danskos (probably will only keep one)...actually I ordered the Sanita brand which is the original maker of Danskos before they (Dansko) outsourced their manufacturing to China. I hear the newer Danskos aren't as good. Anyhoo, I decided to try them out and see how they compare. You know how I depend on these shoes to keep my feet from hurting. They are lifesavers for me, and I thank you for introducing them to me way back when. I try to buy one new pair each season to add variety since I wear them every day. Love them!

chris said...

Oh, and candy's not bad either! Sorry I introduced you to sweet things when you were just a were doomed to loving all sorts of candy from an early age. I'm a bad mommy!

Jhona O. said...

This made me laugh and feel like eating chocolate, drinking a diet coke, laying in my bed with fuzzy slippers on while making lists with colored pens.

And I'm serious about the part wher I write lists with colored pens. Maybe they wouldn't be such a chore. I'm going to do it! Thanks for the inspiration:) Have a wonderful weekend!

Jaimie said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I like candy too : ) That's why Halloween is BAD NEWS BEARS for me!

Rachel Anne said...

I really enjoyed your list...probably because it was just random enough to catch my imagination. Never tried the dansko shoes...they sound great!

I JUST spent my first night in/on my new bed....OMG. I'm actually still in it, with my coffee and laptop because it is so very amazing. This takes sleep to a whole new level. And reading, and blogging and....oh boy, I'm happy.

Candyholics unite!

secondofwett said...

I also loved your's the little things that give us for me it's the smell and feel of fresh sheets on the bed...getting into bed for the first time with clean sheets...priceless!

Anonymous said...
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