Tuesday, October 6, 2009

she rocks the purple bowtie

I was shocked.

Pickle was in 5th grade and went to "instrument selection night" at the middle school she would attend the following year. She went with hubby, cause I had something else going on. She went early to be one of the lucky ones who was able to play percussion. She had the prerequisite years of piano...and we figured one instrument to practice daily was enough. (you don't have to practice drums, right???)

On the way in to the school, a friend's mom told her to keep an open mind and try all the instruments. So, she tried every single one. At the end the band instructors are supposed to make an instrument recommendation. They told Pickle she could pick whatever instrument she wanted, because she was a rare child who was a natural at almost all of them. All of them except percussion. :)

So she chose. When I came home she had me guess...I guessed every instrument I could think of...the girly flute? (she is quite the girly-girl) the clarinet? The oboe? The trumpet? The saxophone? All wrong. She picked...now mind you, she had her CHOICE of them all...the baritone. "What is a baritone again?", I asked. "You know mom, the instrument that looks kind of like a tuba only a bit smaller." Oh. Really???

When she started summer band and brought home her first baritone (named Tony of course) she could barely lift the case. It was more than half her size. She practiced and it sounded a bit like (ahem) a dying cow. But before long the suffering bovine moans turned to a happy buhm, buhm, buhm, that sounded pretty good. By the beginning of 7th grade she had earned first chair and has remained first chair since. (a little mama-pride coming at you...my apologies).

Pickle playing Tonya (baritone #2) in December 2007.
I need to take a new picture.

Tonight we went to her fall concert. It was terrific once again. All of the kids sporting their white shirts, black bottoms, and purple bowties put on a great show. Her band teachers LOVE their job (not to be taken for granted!), and the kids are disciplined and talented. They sound great! Pickle has had such a positive experience playing that humongous thing. She loves to play and it seems to come naturally to her. She told me that when she plays the national anthem, she gets chills. Wow. That's pretty cool.

Pickle walking into a band concert--Spring 2009

So tonight I am unwrapping the gift of band for my musical daughter. And I celebrate the unique part of her that chose the baritone of all things. Music is a gift to all. Musical talent is a gift for some, and it is to be cherished. Play your heart out my low-brass girl! We are proud of you!

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deb said...

I was so glad you posted, this was awesome!
I love that my kids surprise me.
I love when they make themselves happy, and I love that we get to love them.

kimsilver said...

Boy--I have a lot of catching up to do....I haven't read your blog in a while I guess. Loved this post. Love Pickle. Love that she loves band. Love that she is disciplined to play her instrument.....(my boys never were!) And now I wonder if there will be marching band in her future....what fun! Go Pickle!

Dawn said...

isn't band just... grand? i love how these teachers can relay their passions and their gifts to kids who are eager to learn it all! and the addition of the purple bow tie... awesome!

Rooney's Little Musings said...

Love this post! I'm a former band teacher-turned stay at home mommy.

I love to see music impact kids lives!

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