Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gotta send ya...

So, sometimes life is hard. Things happen that we don't understand. Or like. Or think we can stand. Darkness threatens to overtake us. I know this from my own life and from the lives of those close to me. I am not in one of those dark times now. Maybe you are. I want to send ya (and when I say "ya" I am referring to you--the small handful of folks who for some reason find yourself reading this blog-o-mine) somewhere.

Today I read two blog posts that were awesome. I'll be honest, I wish I wrote this one by Missy. I am by no means the writer she is, but otherwise I could've written this post. The truths contained in her post are truths I've learned, yet still need to be reminded of regularly. Please go and read it. It will bless you.

The other post is one that was linked to from a few other blogs I read. It is by musician Shaun Groves speaking about how he is fighting back against depression. It is long, but so honest. If you or anyone you know is dealing with dark feelings, it is so worth reading.

That's all I'm gonna say. They said it better. Thanks for letting me send ya...

ps. The photo above was taken by my daughter, pickle. I love that the sky is gray but the bird looks calm. I'm also partial to the birds. :)

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kimsilver said...

Kudos to Pickle (I feel funny calling her that by the way....trying really hard not to mistakenly use her real name...) for taking such a great photo. Perfect silhouette shot. Looks like it should go on a T-shirt. Then I'd wear it. :0)

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