Saturday, August 1, 2009

Operation Organization! (my small version)

Well, I have had an organizational bug lately. It unfortunately hasn't morphed into actual organizing activity much...although the kids' bathroom vanity was attacked last week complete with new caddy for Pickle's ever growing collection of get-beautiful-stuff. It's mostly just been the desire. I don't know if it's the new school year looming or if it's just that it's gotten just-that-atrocious over the summer but it's driving me crazy. My new found blogging hobby has not only distracted me from the mess (just being real here--sometimes it just sounds better to sit with the computer and ignore what is bothering me) but has also inspired me with projects and ideas galore. But I won't let my inspired self go for any of those until I've got the place in working order--not perfect--but in working order. There are plenty of those behind closed doors places to be tackled.

And I hate it when we can't find stuff quickly.

I stumbled on a Melinda's blog today, and she is hosting an organizational challenge for the next 8 weeks, and I decided I'm gonna go for it. I am not going to take on very big projects (like my office/dump room) because the calendar shows much busyness in coming weeks. However, I think the motivation/accountability from this challenge is what I need to at least accomplish SOMETHING towards my working-order-home goal during this school starting season. Otherwise, I might use my hubby's laid-up-ness as an excuse to just sit around and keep him company (read here: let the mess sit longer).

So, I'm posting here for all 10 or so of you to see that I mean business. Just a little business, but business just the same. This week I am taking on my counter baskets. These cute little baskets were given to me by my mom 8 and a half years ago to house all of those papers that tend to clutter up the counters and dining room table. (I hope some of you relate just a wee bit to that? Please?) Well, I love them. But every so often they need to be cleaned out. And every-so-often hasn't happened since before school let out! Shame, shame, shame. And I'm noticing that my sweet daughter and loving hubby "straighten up" by dumping everything made from paper in those lover-ly baskets. Yesterday I found my journal as well as some catalogs in there! Here is what they look like right now...

Yes, I'm very proud. Look at them, they are overflowing! SO, I'm committing to it this week. I am supposed to have it done by Friday. Check back on Friday for photos.

(I know you will be holding your breath in anticipation.)

Thanks for indulging my need for this little bloggo-challenge to get me rolling a bit at a time. Feel free to join in at your house--check out Melinda's challenge here. And feel free to encourage me...I'm not the only one whose let it all get away from me, right?


Amy said...

Oh, I can SO relate to you! I think I'll have to subscribe to your blog, LOL. First off, I frequently get the organizing bug-- I'm full of ideas, but not action. Secondly, if I'm not mistaken, those are Longaberger baskets on your counter... back before I had kids I was a big-time Longaberger addict. So, not to sound like a weird cyber stalker or anything, but I feel like we have some things in common! :)

I'm doing the challenge, too, and I'm working on a few specific areas in my master bedroom this week.

Melinda said...

Welcome to my challenge! I am so glad you joined in! It will be fun -- at least as fun as organizing CAN be! ;0) Even small projects can make you feel so good when you're finished. Look forward to getting to know you better as the weeks go on!

Lil' Ms. P said...

I don't have baskets to neatly store all my papers, but I am going to be attacking my pile too. Hopefully, I will be able to see the bottom of my desk by Friday.

Cindy said...

So funny. I have baskets too and sometimes I have just moved the basket off the counter and put it downstairs. Out of site out of mind. I have really tried to stop doing this b/c the mess is still there and I just need to sit down and take care of it. Good luck with Oper. Organization. I am cleaning my bedroom this week.. One small area each day.

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