Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what matters

this picture doesn't matter :) but I like it.
it's a lighthouse in Kauai.

Sometimes I get stuck on the stuff that doesn't matter.

And a little change of perspective can be a very good thing. At least for me.

It doesn't matter if Pickle makes her bed everyday...what matters is that she learns the benefits of routines in her life.

It doesn't matter why Bubba (all of a sudden) dislikes pants with buttons (yikes!)...what matters is he's learning that sometimes you just gotta make it work.

It doesn't matter that I am just a wee bit overwhelmed with all Bubba needs to learn this year...what matters is that his school is a supportive place and that we show him how to take things a day at a time.

It doesn't matter that the kids each read at least 20 minutes every day...what matters is that they learn to be absorbed by a story.

It doesn't matter that the kids get good grades...what matters is that they try their best.

It doesn't matter that I think diet coke with peanut m and m's or chocolate chip cookies is the breakfast of champions...what matters is that I choose something better most of the time.

It doesn't matter that I don't have all of the logistics figured out to be able to train my teachers on Sunday (!)...what matters is that they are reminded WHY they do what they do, and WHO they can depend on.

It doesn't matter that we are in an indefinite transition period at church...what matters is that we expectantly embrace the season we are in.

It doesn't matter that it's a little crazy with all of the back-to-school hoopla and new schedules...what matters is that we are working together to get in a groove.

It doesn't matter that there always seem to be greasy fingerprints on my black fridge (ugh!)...what matters is that those fingerprints represent people whom I love dearly.

It doesn't matter if I reach all of my many goals...what matters is that I am faithful to take steps in the right direction.

It doesn't matter that the unexpected interrupts my plan...what matters is that I learn to accept the interruptions as part of The Plan.

What doesn't matter to you?? Join me in focusing on what does.
Have a super day, bloggies.

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Kris said...

thanks for the reminder...

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