Friday, January 8, 2010

do you know what this is?

Yes. this.

You're right. It's pine garland. Christmas pine garland. Hanging outside our window. On January 8. Now, I know many of you embrace the whole enjoy-it-as-long-as-you-can thing. I'm not one of you. I'm done on about December 28. Maybe the 29th. I hang in there til New Year's Day for my kids. But then I want it down. And away. And being the leader-type I am, my usual mode-o-operation is to lead our family in all pitching in the get it done.

You know what happened this year? Noone was able to help. Pickle had spent the night at her friend's not-sleeping so she was konked out on the couch. Hubby had work stress and was in no shape to do anything other than zone out to football. Bubba was at a friend's. So it was just me. So I got to it. And refused to be frustrated or angry or overwhelmed. I would get done what I could. After a few hours, hubby did pitch in. We got the tree undecorated and down and ornaments boxed up.

Normally I would have spent that time feeling all martyr-y. I would be so frustrated that my deadline of getting it done all in one day was not met. But I realized that the deadline was mine alone. I had a choice to make--use my influence (read here: nagging) to make sure it got done, drag sleeping-pickle-beauty off the couch and guilt my hubby into pushing to get it all done. So my deadline could be met. And in my brain, it would be because that was what was best for us all. Yikes. OR I choose to do what I could and be OK with the outcome. The new 2010 way.

The 2010 way was better. Noone felt nagged or abused or guilty. And guess what? It all got done anyway!!


But, most of it gone done over the next few days. And this whole week I've been looking at this:

and it's not even driving me (too) crazy. It will get put away. There is no deadline--just my own. It's not Easter yet, right?

I'm sure it will get wrapped up this weekend. And what price was paid for not meeting my deadline? The house is in a bit of transition, and everyone around here is happier. They may not realize that I've been fighting the urge to nag and take over every day...but they are appreciating the chill.

This is just one example of how I'm trying to figure out the balance...or median...or difference... between being lazy and just relaxing. I know I can be lazy, and it's rarely a good thing when I am. However, chillin' is good. My family REALLY appreciates it when I can relax my standards. My fear (yes, it is a fear) is that if I am not driven then nothing will get done. And certainly not done according to my timetable. I don't want us to get nothing done. So I drive us.

right to the funny farm.

I hope that I can continue to learn that relaxing the standards now and then is not the same as being lazy. And learn to let my need for completed tasks weigh in with the needs of my family to not feel pushed and nagged.

This whole Christmas decor thing has been a good practice session--and it's worked out pretty well.

Unless that garland does not come down tomorrow... :0)

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Beth said...

ooooh I'm very proud of you!!!! (but if you need me to come help finally get all it all away, let me know!)

Karen said...

Hey, if that garland is real, it could dry up and die after a while...ha, just kidding. I'm alot like you about getting things put away. Good for you about the "chillin." You are doing better than I would. Way to go.

bashtree said...

Great lesson :) I am doing much of the same, myself....staring at boxes needing to be hauled around, etc. Only we still have our (naked) (live) tree in the middle of the living room, too!! There is something about those self-imposed deadlines that is so hard to let go!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm the same way. Yup, we need to relax a bit. =p

Dawn said...

sounds like a revelation! a great one!

my stuff stays up a while... longer than january 8th!! i am going to try to get the tree down this weekend... but the rest? it can stay a bit longer :)

Anna said...

It is hard to let things go. I'm sure that your family appreciates your patience. :)

Melinda said...

You are a girl after my own heart, Dawn. You know that. Christmas has not left my house either. It's the long goodbye around here. But I'm not stressing either. Life's too short. Relationships are too precious to damage over a holiday that's all about love and giving!;)

I think we are headed in the same direction in 2010!

Joanne said...

Stopping by from SITS, welcome! I, too, still have remnants from Christmas all over the house. I swear it took my hubby a week and a half to just TAKE two packed up boxes down to the basement for me! Ah well, such is life!

Quasi Serendipita said...

Visiting from SITS to say welcome! Still a few Christmasy bits and bobs around here too!

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