Thursday, January 21, 2010

ten things I love about my mom

It's my mom's birthday. And I love her. She is one of God's greatest gifts to me. I could've been born to anyone, and God gave me her.

So, on her special day, here are ten things I love about my mom. They are not the ten best things about her, or even close to all of the good things, but they are ten of them. In no order whatsoever.

1) Mom laughs til she cries. Really. We can make her laugh and laugh and then she gets a certain face we know--and all we have to do is say, "Ohno! Mom's gonna cry!"...and then she does. We all think it's pretty funny.

that's mom in the back hiding her laughing-crying face. My sister Kim is in the front doing the same thing.

2) Mom is a prayer-warrior. She prays for me, my kids, my hubby and I, and anything that's important to any of us. I treasure her prayers, and I count on them.

3) My mom loves the word of God. She knows scripture well and is able to share just the right verses at the right times. And sometimes the convicting ones, too. She has been both my informal and formal Bible teacher as long as I can remember. How cool is that?

4) Mom is super-practical. She knows how to "make do"and be resourceful. I can count on her to give me practical advice that makes common sense. And to see through a situation clearly when I am bogged down in the fog of it.

5) She supports my marriage. That may sound basic, but it isn't. She not only gives me good marriage advice, but she often helps me see things from my hubby's perspective. She has loved him when he was making marriage difficult, and has challenged me to change when I am. She NEVER expects me to be more loyal to her than to my husband and family.

6) Mom comes alongside me in my endeavors. When I was a Residence Director she got to know some of my students, and allowed us to have some special gatherings at her house. She watched Bubba so I could substitute teach. She helped me in countless ways as I worked my direct sales business. She always helps with VBS and other Children's Ministry needs. She helps organize closets, cleans coffee urns and makes decorations. She prayed me through speaking at a retreat and the Mary talk.

here's mom with one of her VBS creations

7) She still has a New York accent even though she hasn't lived there for 20 years. She still calls me Dawn with the emphasis on the "aw". She stands "on line" and can't help but call the Bible hero "No-er" (you know, and the ark). We tease her, but we all love to hear her "tawk".

8) She has shown me how to be a mom--by her example, her help and her advice. Can't imagine what I would do without her to ask all of those mommy-questions of.

9) Mom cares about all the details of my life. She has listened to millions of my stories, my verbal processing and my wonderings. Hours and hours and hours of listening, folks. I'm not kidding.

10) She loves my dad. I do not take for granted that my high-school sweetheart parents are still together after almost 45 years. My mom (and dad) have shown me the riches of a long relationship of interdependence.

That list just scratches the surface. But it shows how blessed I am. And I know it.

I love you, mom!


Nana Babs said...

Dawn--I was scared right along with you as I read about Pickle and her friends. As you'll learn as the "little ones" grow up, we never stop praying for protection and wisdom, etc, for our kids and grands. Praising God all is ok!!
Also love the Mom blog--one of God's greatest blessings is a loving, encouraging, Mom--Daughter relationship. You are Both Blessed!! Love you, precious Daughter-in-law!! Nana Babs

Chris said...

Tears of gratitude are flowing. Thank you for such a tribute! (I'm not dying or anything am I?? hehe!)

Dawn said...

I love your tribute to your mom - she's obviously a wonderful woman and very much cherished by you. I think our moms could be friends!

Blessings! The "other" Dawn

Karen said...

How proud you are of your Mom, and I know she is of you. Wonderful!

Dawn said...

what a truly lovely tribute to a beautiful woman! #11? she has a great daughter :) #12! she sure can pick a name!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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