Tuesday, January 26, 2010

unwrapping conversation

Talking. I'm good at it. I am usually able to communicate my thoughts well with it. I often figure out my thoughts while doing it. (I like to call that "processing externally"). I do it often and I do it too much. I break the ice with it, help people feel comfortable with it. I make people uncomfortable with it as well--I give a little too much info for some. :0)

Conversation. That can be something totally different than talking. It can connect you with someone. It can be challenging. It can be life-giving. You can hear and be heard. Something can happen in conversation that is more than the sum of two people talking.

Sometimes you have a conversation that you know was important...even if you don't know exactly why yet. It is life-giving. It increases your understanding. It expands your mind. It helps you think of something differently. God speaks to each of you through the other. It is talking at it's best.

I've had more than one of those conversations lately. And I know they are a gift.

I'm happy to unwrap this gift today with Emily at Chatting at the Sky as we celebrate Tuesdays Unwrapped.


Dawn said...


We really do share more than just a name.

Be blessed!

Sharone said...

That's a great gift! This distinction between talking and conversation is really insightful. I too have been grateful lately for meaningful conversations. :)

Melinda said...

Hi Dawn!
I agree ... God really can speak as we share and converse with others.

The reverse can happen too ... when we're caught up in our own little worlds and frustrations, we can leave God no room to work in our conversations. I hate to admit I've been guilty of that too. Even this week.

Thanks for the reminder to speak with grace and listen for His Spirit. ;0)

Karen said...

Conversation is a gift. Good reminder for me to limit my "talking" and converse more. Thanks!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love this, Dawn! I need to work on conversing more with my children than talking AT them. So true and a much needed reminder! Thanks!!

Deidra said...

Those conversations that go deep and true. I love them...

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