Sunday, February 21, 2010

bright spots

Even amidst the dim and dreary, there are bright spots that give hope.  

As I posted on Friday, my emotions are pretty shaky right now.  It's easy when I'm in this mode to just assume every moment of every day will be difficult.  Yet there are bright spots.  Sometimes they are more than spots--they are big bright patches.  I have had some bright patches since I last posted, and wanted to share them with you.

So, grab some popcorn, sit back and relax and watch the slide show of my bright patches.

Wait.  There's no slide show??

Ohyeah...that's because I either don't bring my camera (Friday night), don't remember to use it (most of Saturday night), or don't remember to make sure it's usuable with charged batteries (this afternoon).  I hate that I don't have many pictures of my bright patches to share with you...please try to control your disappointment, it will make me feel worse. :)

Friday night we celebrated my dad's 66th birthday.  The family went out to eat at Carabbas.  Um...can I just say yummmm!?!  I tried their special surf and turf instead of my normal choice and it was SO yummy.  I can't remember the last time I had a steak.  I had a great time talking, and eating and drinking diet coke.  Afterwards we went to my parents house for ice cream sundaes and gifts.  I was in good spirits the entire time.  Bright patch! Check out the smile on my face:

Oh wait.  No picture.

Saturday night was Girls' Night Out.  I debated whether to go up until almost the last minute.  I had a rough, cranky afternoon.  However, I decided that my desire not to miss out outweighed my desire to stay at home in my safe emotional place--and I went.  Dear Carly organized us a fun fest--starting with dinner at Salsa Brava.  I need to have a moment of silence here out of respect for the goodness of God that is their blackened tomato salsa............ah yes.  As my pastor likes to say, it could change your life.  And then, as if eating three days worth of calories in chips and salsa wasn't enough, I managed to force down Margarita Chicken Enchiladas.  I mean, look at how good it looked...

Oh nevermind.  No picture.

Next, The Girls (Becca, Becky, Beth, Carly, Kerry and me) went to an improv comedy show.  It was hysterical.  Seriously. HYS. TER. I. CAL.  Kerry's pregnant and I thought she might either go into labor or pee her pants.  Instead she cried from laughing so much.  All of our faces hurt from laughing.  A highlight for our little group was when Carly and Becky got pulled up on stage to be part of the vacation-slides game.  They had to randomly strike poses up there...and I was impressed with their creativity.

And, miracle of miracles!  I actually have pictures of this!  Here are a few:

Here is Becky striking a pouty-face pose.

And Carly "praying"--she was trying to covertly share her faith with the crowd I guess.

And Becky selling out to the game as well as trying not to flash the audience.

And Carly sporting a truly sassy bird necklace that she hoped would make us think of the Holy Spirit. 
 It didn't, but it was really cute.

We had a great time, and I was able to laugh and chat and be in good spirits again.  I was glad I went.  Bright patch!

This afternoon, after a few days of gently falling snow, there was enough snow cover to go sledding.  I took the kids.  Even though all I wanted to do was cuddle up with a blanket and take a nap (usually what I want to do after a morning "on" at church).  Even though hubby didn't feel up to coming and I realized I wouldn't just be a spectator--but actually, youknow, sledding.  The kids had a great time.  I cracked up at Bubba's silly antics and Pickle's squeals.  And I sledded too.  And didn't hurt my old-self.  And I had fun. Bright patch!

This is the only other picture I have from this weekend-- Beth's car antenna.  The frost clinging to it (and basically everything) was truly spectacular this weekend.  Even after driving the car it was hanging on.  Kind of like I Hope.  Hope that this season of emotional blech will come to an end--however God chooses to rescue me.  I'm holding on to Hope.  And thankful for the bright spots (patches?) that remind me He is there--sustaining.  And holding onto me.  I'm safe.


Dawn said...

Awesome weekend, Dawn! I am so glad to God put bright patches there to help you cling to the hope that more bright patches are on their way.

Be blessed this week!

Anonymous said...

SO much fun on Saturday! So glad you decided to come. Just wouldn't have been the same without ya!
And thank you for only posting non-awful pictures of me. You are a true friend. :)

Melinda said...

Dawn, I am sorry you are struggling. Looks like you had some awesome bright patches lately, though. Girlfriends are a very good thing. ;0)

Praying for you today! Hugs!!


Karen said...

Dawn, that sounded wonderful. Your friends are special, too. Safety in Him, nothing can pluck us out of His hands. Blessings**

Jenn Calling Home said...

That looks like a blast! Just stopped in for a visit via the Friday Favorites link. Blessings!

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