Friday, February 5, 2010

Company Girl Coffee 2.5

It's been a week since my last Company Girls update. God has been faithful (He always is), so a quick update is in order.

First of all, I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO TO COURT! The day before the court date, the lawyer called, thanked me for my time, and told me they wouldn't need me after all. I was SO relieved. It felt like a gift direct to me from God. He is so Good.

Secondly, Pickle is STILL sick. But, thankfully, we got a diagnosis on Wednesday. It turns out that she has a killer sinus infection. The doctor says she is swollen shut inside. Boo. She has had migraines from it--and even had her vision affected (scary). Poor Pickle. As of today she has missed nine days of school in a row. Yikes! Yet, we are so thankful to know what's going on now and that we have begun treating it.

(And can I just confess to you all that I am working on forgiving the PA who saw Pickle last week and diagnosed her with a stomach virus without even looking up her nose? So we let that infection get worse and worse for almost a week. I'm a little frustrated. We left that appointment and I knew in my gut she was wrong.)

Here's a shot of Pickle today--in her out-of-bed spot for the majority of the last two weeks. I love that she shot me a smile for the photo.

This week I reached a little blogging milestone and I'm celebrating with a giveaway!! I would love to have the Company Girls join in on the fun and enter the giveaway. Just click here for the details of how you can win!

I am so excited today because our weekend is looking free-ish. By free-ish, I mean that we don't have much on the calendar. Nothing tonight, Bubba's basketball game and Pickle's dance class are all we have tomorrow and then just church on Sunday. We don't even have plans for the Superbowl--other than to watch it!

Boy, do we need this weekend. I just want to hole up with the four of us. Help the kids get caught up on their homework. Tackle a few projects around the house that have been just hanging there. (have any of those??) Take time with hubby to make some decisions about changing banks and other financial matters that take more energy than we usually have on weeknights.

Oh yeah, and get this smelly mop to the groomer so he looks like a dog again.

But I can already tell that I'm piling too many expectations on us for the weekend. I am dreaming of getting everything done that's on the "list" (which exists in my head alone, mind you). I'm pretty sure hubby's "list" involves putting his feet up and relaxing for most of the weekend. So, I need to prioritize. I guess I better put prioritizing on my list for today. :0)

And no matter what, I'm going to enjoy being with my family this weekend. Cause they are the best. And whether we are watching a movie or organizing the office--there's noone I'd rather be with.


Aiming4Simple said...

It's great to hear how things are improving for you after last week's trials! I imagine some of those solutions made it to your 1000 list? May you be refreshed this weekend. =)

Karen said...

I hope your daughter will feel much better quick, now with the right meds. I know, that is so frustrating! Enjoy your family and and weekend. Blessings**

Melinda said...

So sorry about your Pickle! It's the worst when our kids are sick! Hope you are able to enjoy your weekend with the family. We have to have some of those financial discussions in our house this week, too. I hate them! I'm definitely the rightbrained creative type! ;0)

Hope Pickle is on the mend soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't have to go in to testify. Poor Pickle! That infection doesn't sound fun at all. Our weekend is pretty packed, so I'm trying to mentally prepare and not get all flustered if things don't go according to plan. Isn't it funny how men can just relax even with things piling up around them? Why is there?

Dawn said...

so glad that now you know for real what is wrong with pickle! too scary... and though her smile is bright, i can imagine that she is kinda-maybe-just-about-ready to get back to her life! yikes! anyway... hope you get your nothing to do weekend... i am kinda there myself... if i rememebr to go to my haircut in 15 minutes!

carikaufm said...

i am praying for Pickle! Take this weekend easy girl...follow your instinct and hole up!

AND I like your mop...he's so cute!

Anonymous said...
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One More Equals Four said...

Hope Pickle finally starts feeling better and yay for a calm weekend!!! Maybe you'll get a nice mix of resting and checking off some to do's!

Have a great one!

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