Friday, February 12, 2010

friday hoopla and a confession

Do you know what today is???  Of course you's Friday!  (I make it sound like you are a bunch of preschoolers during "calendar time" at school, huh?)  But it's not just Friday, it's my day off, it's the beginning of a three-day weekend, and Groupies night.

But as if that is not enough, it is the first day of the Olympics!!  I love the Olympics.  My family loves the Olympics.  For as long as I can remember, when the Olympic Games come around, I am completely sucked in.  I love the pageantry of the ceremonies, get emotionally invested in the stories of personal triumph, and feel a big boost of patriotism.  I enjoy watching events I don't watch during the four years between the Games--just for the excitement of the Games.

Now that I live in Colorado Springs, where the USOC is based and where one of the nation's Olympic Training Centers is located (anyone watch The Biggest Loser this week??), I have more opportunities to connect with the Olympic Spirit.  The training center offers free tours, and we have gone several times.  One time, we spotted my Olympic crush--Apolo Anton Ohno--working out.  I'm so excited he is skating again this year.


So tonight, we are having an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party with the Groupies. I would love to tell you of the awesome decorations, food and themed games I have planned--but guess what?  I've got nothing!  We are just going to enjoy the broadcast together.  And eat (of course).  If any of you bloggies have some great ideas for our party--I'll take 'em!  Seriously.  I'll take 'em.  I'm the queen of making things happen last minute.  :)  Plans or not, it's just great to be with friends.

The other excitement at our house is that Pickle's best friend who moved across the country last summer is visiting for the first time since she left.  We are so excited to have her with us for a few nights.

Oh yeah, and it's Valentine's Day too.  I think we are keeping V-day a little low key at our house this year, but I am very thankful for my Valentine.  And his kisses.  I'll leave it there. :)

Now, the confession.  Even with all of this excitement, and all there is to look forward to--and I'm emotionally poopy. I don't know why.  I mean, yes, I am weaning off my meds as I've mentioned before.  And yes, it may or may not be approaching a certain special week of the month.  I hope that's all it is, cause I feel small.  Fragile.  A little more anxious than usual.  Easily bothered.  Easily hurt.  Ugh, how I hate that.  Anyone been there??

So, I'm praying I can shake the blahs with God's help.  Holley posted a great post today--just what I needed to hear.  She pointed out that emotions make great messengers and horrible bosses.  I am looking to the true Boss of my heart for His reassurance.  I know He is close to me.  He spoke to me VERY clearly through our Beth Moore video at Bible Study yesterday (but that's another post) and He spoke clearly to me this week when I needed inspiration for something at church.

He is right here.  With me.  Guiding and sustaining.

And hopefully helping me get over myself enough to get do all I need and want to do today...I've got a party tonight!

Happy Friday, Company Girls!


Anonymous said...

hug, hug. :)

Sharone said...

Oh, did you watch Dancing with the Stars when Apolo Ohno was on it?? He is definitely my Olympic crush too. :) Love the Winter Olympics!!

Hope your day off is all that you hoped it would be, and more. :)

dawn said...

Sharone- I only caught a bit of the DWTS with Apolo on it...but I saw some of the recap. Way to go!

I think it's good to have an Olympic crush, huh?

Dayle said...

I've certainly experienced the fragile days. I think mine may be hormone related, frankly. Fun stuff.

Have a great Olympic gathering. I have no spiffy ideas to share, but I'm sure you'll be just fine.

carikaufm said...

I love Heart to Heart with Holley...such a great blog. Fantastic message today!

I do understand the fragile feeling. I try hard to be aware of those days and really focus on God's grace. I don't have nearly as many of those days since I had my hysterectomy though. I am praying for you Dawn.

Have fun tonight!

Dawn said...

sending a hug, and adding on my prayers for you..and i hope the festivities of last night have you perked up a bit.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to ask about DWTS too. I did watch that season. He was really good on there. I have watched the Olympics in ages but love it...just hard without a TV, but catch clips online. Glad Pickle got to see her's tough when friends move away at that age. Hope it was a good time at the party!

MrsJenB said...

Oh my gosh, I totally understand the fragile feeling. I've described it as feeling like if I get shaken too hard, I'll break. And I've had a lot of those days lately. I find that those are always the days when I'm furthest away from where I SHOULD be in my heart. And I pray. The feeling may not go away immediately but it does. I pray that it does for you too! Thank you for the quote about emotions being bad bosses - I need to write that one down.

Oh, and I wish my husband cared about the Olympics but I don't think he does. Because I love them as much as you do, but right now we only have one tv and our recorder is packed up. Bummer.

Kris said...

I LOVE the Olympics. I'm a junkie. And I love Ohno. And I hog the DVR during this time - much to the dismay of my family. :-)

thecoolmom said...

I definitely know about those fragile days and I hate them. I like being strong and independent and I hate feeling like I need looking after.

Your Olympic party sounds like fun. We are enjoying watching the Olympics too. I like watching short track but it stresses me out too. LOL

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