Monday, February 8, 2010

Gifts Galore

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There are gifts everywhere. Once I look for them they are easy to find. Most days. That's what I'm learning on my 1000 Gifts journey. Every now and then there are nights when I climb into bed, ready to write in my gifts journal, and my mind goes blank. Surely there were gifts that day...and I think with more effort. And remember. And I find a few. Other days they flow out of my pen easily.

What's the difference between the days? I don't know. Fatigue? Discouragement? Or just a different day? I don't know. But I do know the exercise of finding the gifts--even just one--on those days is a good discipline. And those days are few and far between right now. I'm thankful for them and the practice they give.

Some gifts from this week:

83. A kiss from this guy after lunch at McDonalds with he and his mommy.

my nephew riding a reindeer (why not?) 
on his third birthday this summer

You see, he can be a little stingy with the kisses. Sometimes I think he is just messin' with me. This day, I bent over to tell him goodbye and he planted a messy one--right on my lips. Made the unhealthy lunch worth it.

89. Free DVDs checked out from the library. A pile of never-seens to choose from for our family movie night. (We watched Stardust--it was a hit!)

91. Pickle and Bubba getting along really well this weekend. Speaking kindly to each other. Laughing together. Wrestling. Hanging out in each other's rooms. Made me smile many times.

Pickle and Bubba during the SuperBowl

96. Humbling. Yes, humbling.  It's hard to think of being humbled as a gift, but without the humbling, I'm not sure change would come. And being humbled sends me to my knees...

a good place to be thankful.


Beth said...

I really like your thankful lists- they make me think of things I'm thankful for, too, even though I haven't been writing them down. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea @ The Train to Crazy said...

beautiful things indeed!

Melinda said...

Those are very good gifts, indeed, Dawn. Especially that part about your kids getting along. That is a gift -- and a miracle -- if they're anything like mine! ;0)

Thanks for your comment today -- reminded me to keep on balancing the "feel good" parenting love with the boundaries. Glad you're on the battlefield with me. We can keep supplying each other with encouragement ammo!

Karen said...

Love that last picture. Unposed, just happiness. Makes me smile, too.

Graceful said...

What a great thankful list. I'm thinking I should join up with Multitude Mondays one of these days -- seems like a really good way to focus on everyday blessings -- sometimes they are so easy to overlook.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my guest post over at Jumping Tandem today!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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