Thursday, March 25, 2010

a short bloggie-break

Hello bloggies.

Just popping in to say that I am taking an intentional bloggie break this week.

This week I'm...

*  deep into our Easterrific community event I'm leading at church--to be held tomorrow night!
*  taking (not enough, but some) time to be with my kids since they are on spring break.
*  anticipating my sister flying in Friday for a girl's weekend!
*  excited about the dozen people getting baptized on Sunday--and that I had the privilege of teaching their baptism class.
*  not sleeping too well with all sorts of details spinning, spinning, spinning through my head.
*  digging out from a spring snowstorm that came in with a fury Tuesday night, and hoping the one predicted for Friday night stays away long enough for Easterrific to happen and my sis to get into town.
*  wishing I had time to spring-i-fy my house.
*  missing blog-world--cause I haven't read my blog feed and know I'm missing all sorts of wonderfulness.
*  trusting God, cause He's got everything under control.

I'll be back blabbing at you next week!


Dawn said...

Enjoy your time "off" with your kids and especially your sister. There's nothing like a girly weekend with a sister.


Karen said...

Dawn, take a deep breath and enjoy, rejoice and relax. We'll be here waiting. :)

Dayle said...

I believe in blog breaks. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn,
I'm glad you are getting a blog break, but I miss it. Come back soon please.

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